If you were involved in a car, bus, or truck accident and you suffered an injury, there are various ways in which a chiropractor can help you recover from this unfortunate event that left you in pain. Chiropractors are unlike traditional doctors as they focus on treating neuromuscular disorders. Treatment is rendered through a manual adjustment and/or manipulation of the spine. What does this mean exactly? Well, rather than relying on surgery to help reduce the pain and improve your functionality, a chiropractor provides you with an alternative to having to go through with such an invasive procedure.
In most cases, a chiropractor will assess your injuries and evaluate your condition. They will then determine a treatment plan that is expected to help you begin feeling better, allowing you to continue on with your life and the routines you once had set. Like most, you are probably wondering what some of the specific benefits are of seeking medical care from a chiropractor and that is what we are sharing with you below.

  1. Chiropractors work to mend soft-tissue injuries. Soft-tissue injuries such as whiplash can take months to heal according to Palmer College of Chiropractic. But, a chiropractor has the ability to help relieve the pain much quicker than that. In fact, “some car accident victims reported up to an 80 percent reduction in discomfort after just a few weeks of chiropractic care.”
  2. Chiropractors can restore mobility. Because a car accident or other type of incident such as a slip and fall might have you feeling sore and stiff, a chiropractor is going to work get to back up and moving. Their goal is to help you regain full range of motion before scar tissue develops.
  3. Chiropractors support long-term healing. After a car accident, the muscles in your body sometimes are weak which could leave you vulnerable to re-injury With chiropractic care, you engage in rehabilitative exercises that are geared to improving your level of flexibility while also strengthening the muscles around the spine.


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If you were recently involved in an auto accident in Fort Lauderdale, HealthPoint Chiropractic Clinic may be able to provide you with treatment that will alleviate your pain and discomfort.

If you want a chance of making a full recovery after being involved in an auto accident, consider visiting HealthPoint Chiropractic Clinic. They are conveniently located in Fort Lauderdale and want to help alleviate the pain you might be experiencing from the auto accident you may have been involved in. Whether you are experiencing neck or shoulder pain or suffer from whiplash, then this is the clinic that is going to help you achieve wellness. If you would like to set up a consultation or schedule a visit at HealthPoint Chiropractic Clinic, call 954-332-9999.
While it is important that you receive the necessary medical care so that your injuries can heal, you also have to consider the costs associated with treatment. If you were the victim of an accident, you may also want to consider consulting with a local Fort Lauderdale accident attorney who can help you recover the costs associated with getting the medical care you require.
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