Sometimes careless driving results in significant damage to another person’s business. In these situations, a civil lawsuit will help the business owner recoup some of their lost money while making the driver pay out for their mistakes.

A driver crashed into the front of a pool supply store near the city of Fort Lauderdale, causing thousands of dollars worth of damage.
Driver crashes into storefront
Witnesses saw a Nissan Altima accelerate through the parking lot and crash directly into a storefront on SW 64th Ave in Miramar. The woman in the driver’s seat claimed she blacked out and hit the gas on her car while it was in front of the store. It is unknown whether this was because of a medical condition, impairment from drugs or alcohol, or driver error. The owner said he was standing outside of the store smoking a cigarette when he noticed the vehicle coming straight at him. No injuries were reported and the driver was not given any citations or criminal charges at the scene. The store owner estimates that the damages will cost about $5000 to repair.
Miramar is just southwest of Fort Lauderdale in Broward County Florida.
The process for receiving compensation
The owner can retain their own attorney who specializes in filing civil negligence lawsuits. These lawsuits essentially say that the careless actions of the driver or any person at fault caused damages to people or property that must be paid for. Fault can be established in a number of different ways, and these kinds of cases often end in settlements after an investigation and negotiations between the attorneys for both sides.
In a situation such as this, there may be business insurance to cover some of the losses, but it is still possible to file a lawsuit against the driver. The driver at fault can be made to pay for things like business losses, additional operating costs, injuries to any people involved in the crash, or property damage that requires repairs. They may also be responsible for lost revenue while the business is not functioning normally or has to remain closed, as these losses also extend from the same incident.
One of the most important factors in any civil lawsuit is the amount the defendant will be forced to pay related to the damage they have caused. When a driver causes significant damage to a business, they could be responsible for thousands of dollars worth of losses. This is true whether they have liability coverage through their auto insurance or if they are personally liable. A skilled accident attorney will know how to make the right arguments to ensure that the driver will have to pay the maximum amount allowed by law and help the business or property owner get back on their feet.
Get local help today
If you have been injured or sustained property damage as the result of an accident, attorneys in Fort Lauderdale can help you recover from your losses. Madalon Law has recovered millions of dollars worth of settlements and judgments for clients throughout the state of Florida.

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