Iowa City, IA – Out of all of the medical problems that can result from a car collision, a traumatic brain injury is one of the most serious. These injuries are also referred to as concussions in some contexts. The person responsible for an accident may also have a responsibility to pay for the victim’s medical treatment for various types of brain injuries.  

The definition of a traumatic brain injury

A traumatic brain injury is any kind of serious impact or trauma to the brain that temporarily or permanently affects its normal abilities and functionality. Conditions that are inherited or happen during birth do not count as traumatic brain injuries. In extreme cases, the person can develop permanent brain damage and lose their ability to function normally. There are also brain injuries that can put a person into a long term coma, where they are totally unresponsive. 

Car accidents and impact to the brain

Most accidents that cause traumatic brain injuries involve some kind of serious impact to any part of the head. During car accidents, the head tends to make contact with dashboards, steering columns, windshields, headrests, or even the airbags with a lot of force. It is possible that a flying piece of debris or part of the car can actually penetrate into the skull and brain and cause these types of injuries. There have also been documented cases where a victim sustains a brain injury without actually suffering from a direct blow to the head. Other anomalies include brain injuries that happen from impacts at low speed, which cause whiplash and eventually lead to a traumatic brain injury. 

As this summary shows, car accidents are so dangerous because there are a number of ways that the brain can be affected, even if it is not obvious at the time. 

Accident lawsuits and evidence of brain injuries 

If medical records show that a brain condition was directly caused during a motor vehicle accident, the person who caused the accident can be sued to pay for all treatment and associated healthcare costs. Personal injury lawsuits begin with a complaint that contains a listing of damages. These costs include things like property repairs, hospital visits and treatment from doctors, as well as non-economic losses due to pain, trauma, suffering, and a reduction in the plaintiff’s quality of life.

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