Cedar Rapids, IA – Out of all of the injuries that can happen during a motor vehicle collision, damage to the spine is one of the most serious problems. Car crashes are also one of the leading causes of spinal injuries in the United States. Not only does a spine injury result in various long term medical problems, it is also one of the most expensive to treat. Research has shown that treatment costs can exceed $1 million in the first year after the accident, with expenses that continue to accumulate in the following years. A personal injury lawsuit is the only realistic way for most victims to try to cover these astronomical costs. 

Indicators that a spinal injury has occurred

Most accident victims with spinal injuries should find that their symptoms occur in the immediate aftermath of the collision. However, in some rare cases the injury may take weeks to notice.  

Back pain is a very common medical condition, but it can also be an indicator of spine problems. This back pain can sometimes be accompanied by feelings of pressure in the neck, back, and head areas. Sudden losses of coordination or the ability to move and utilize strength are also telling symptoms of spine damage. This loss of coordination can also be accompanied by a loss of sensation, balance, and feeling in certain parts of the body, which can indicate serious problems like paralysis. Instead of a total loss of sensation, it is also possible that the victim will feel tingling in their limbs or numb. Various kinds of severe muscle spasms are another common symptom. 

Anyone with these symptoms should get medical attention immediately to avoid further complications and treat these problems right away. Quickly diagnosing and treating spine problems is crucial to the recovery process. 

Contacting an injury attorney

After a victim has confirmed their injuries with a doctor, they can start the process to receive compensation through an injury lawsuit. The attorney can utilize information about these injuries to come up with a calculation of damages based on the costs of treatment. Other typical losses include lost wages and time away from work, property repairs, and non-economic trauma and pain. The summary of all of these losses typically makes up the argument for damages at the conclusion of the attorney’s complaint that begins the accident lawsuit.  

Local help from an accident firm

Eells and Tronvold Law Offices is a reputable personal injury firm that operates in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. When an accident victim needs assistance, they can contact the firm for advice and guidance related to a possible lawsuit or settlement negotiations. 

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