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Fires happen all the time, and both industrial and residential areas are prone to fires due to things like cooking or working with combustible materials. A large fire occurred in Santa Rosa near Scenic Ave on the property of a junkyard.
Giant fire starts in an industrial junkyard
An industrial area that housed many trailers and cars was the scene of a fire that required significant effort to extinguish. The fire was large enough that it prompted a response from Sonoma County, Santa Rosa, Rancho Adobe, and Gold Ridge fire departments with multiple engines to gain control of the area. Large plumes of black smoke were visible from a long distance away as the blaze consumed property in the immediate area.
An initial investigation could not determine the cause of the fire or if any injuries had been reported, but several cars nearby were totally burned before the blaze could be controlled. Fire workers also believe the property damage was limited to materials within the junk yard lot and the damage did not spread outside of the area. The SMART train nearby also remained out of service for some time due to the fire emergency.

Paying for property damage after a fire
Property damage and other related losses are also significant in the aftermath of a fire. The person or business that is responsible for the fire may have to pay out claims to make replacements or repairs, or their insurance may be responsible. An investigation from an adjuster or other independent professional will usually be required to add up the total amount of damage to structures and vehicles. It helps to get assistance from a lawyer during these times to make sure you are paid properly for the property damage or other costs.
Other fire related injuries
Fires can cause various kinds of injuries to people nearby or trapped inside burning structures. Smoke inhalation is known to result in other serious, long term health problems to the lungs and other organs. The fact that the incident above occurred in a junk yard means that the fumes may have been especially toxic to people in the area.
The long term effects of severe burns
Burns are also a serious concern for workers from fire departments as well as victims of the fire itself. Serious burn injuries will often require multiple surgeries to treat and they can cause permanent forms of disfigurement to the skin and deeper body tissues. Depending on the severity of the injuries, the person or business responsible for the fire may have to pay victims for all of these burn related treatments and continual care.
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