How can pain and suffering compensation be estimated in an accident lawsuit in Addis?

Addis, LA – Accident lawsuits are beneficial for those who have been injured because of the possibility for various kinds of compensation. People who bring injury cases after an accident are eligible to receive damages related to their pain and suffering in addition to documented losses, although the factors that determine the amount awarded for pain and suffering are intangible. A lawyer should be consulted to provide specific details about the amounts at issue and other aspects of any accident lawsuit

Non-economic compensation

Aside from specific losses related to things like medical bills and lost wages, accident victims are able to ask for non-economic compensation in a negligence lawsuit. This is sometimes called pain and suffering or general damages in Louisiana. This can be considered by a jury or during settlement negotiations as an entirely separate category from any amount that is necessary to restore the victim’s economic losses. If an insurance company is handling the claim against the defendant, various insurance providers may have a formula that they use to come up with a fair amount to pay a victim for pain and suffering based on the accident and their necessary medical treatment. 

Estimating pain and suffering

Compensation for pain and suffering can be difficult to estimate for a number of reasons. This is because a lawyer will try to use things like changes in a person’s lifestyle, quality of life issues, and their physical pain associated with their injuries to argue for a certain amount. Other factors that can be important in a pain and suffering argument are whether permanent disfigurement is present, if the person has any kind of mental health problems or trauma caused by the accident, and whether the victim is expected to be able to recover or not based on a medical diagnosis.

Dollar values and pain and suffering

The task of assigning a specific dollar value to these kinds of problems can be very subjective. The lawyer may choose for an amount that matches the total economic compensation, or they can ask for this amount to be multiplied if the injuries are very serious or life changing. As a general rule, pain and suffering compensation tends to be the largest in cases where the victim will never be able to return to their former lifestyle. 

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