Accident attorneys in Bismarck, ND recognize how serious infant accidents can be and recommended you take necessary precaution to keep your baby safe.

accident lawyers in Bismarck, ND

Many infant and toddler accident can be prevented as long as you are taking precaution and doing everything you can keep them safe.

One minute they are here, laughing, exploring, and making your life joyful and content and the next minute they are gone. Infant and toddler accidents are happening all around us and parents can’t understand why their child had to be the one to suffer. The truth is, many child-related accidents can be prevented if you are aware of how they occur and what some of the most common are. While some infant incidents arise out of a car accident, others occur because of a negligent parent.
The most common infant accident that have been reported according to is falls, with 170,000 reported annually. And some other leading causes of infant injuries include:

  • An infant is struck or crushed by an object, a person, or an animal. These types of accidents account for more than 44,000 injuries.
  • Fire or burn injuries, which account for more than 17,000 annual injuries.

And as infants grow, things that once were dangerous may not be a threat, while things that once weren’t a threat might very well be now. For instance, stairs. If you have stairs in your home and have a 2-month-old baby, the chances of them getting to those stairs and climbing up them is unrealistic. But, if you have a one or two-year-old who is a beginning walker, the stairs are now a hazard if they can get to them. According to, “stairs rank among the top 10 products linked to injury at every age, but climb in rank with age.” And don’t think that stairs only pose as a danger to children. A caregiver can easily slip and fall on the stairs while holding their infant as well.

Here are some measures you can take to help protect your little one.


  • When riding in the car, always have them strapped up and fastened in their car seat. And as a parent or caregiver, always drive with extra caution as auto accidents continue to claim the lives of many individuals.
  • If your infant is going to daycare because you have to work, be sure you do some extensive research first. Many babies and even toddlers sustain injuries while under the supervision of day care workers. Some daycare workers aren’t being attentive when these accidents occur while others are actually causing them.
  • Don’t sleep with your baby. Many parents feel obligated to do so or want to have their new baby right there by their side. Too many infants suffocate or are laid on top of when co-sleeping with their parents. This is definitely something all parents want to avoid. In a recent story that made news headlines, a family lost their infant while co-sleeping as the mother of the child didn’t feel the baby roll over near her and eventually the infant was unable to take in enough air.

Some accidents are avoidable, some are not, but many are preventable. If your infant was recently harmed in an accident or lost their life and you need legal counsel working on your side, contact and get paired up with a local Bismarck, ND accident lawyer today.

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