Some accidents may have multiple parties who are responsible, and it is not always easy to determine fault. The process for collecting evidence and taking statements can take time, and in some situations the clear cause of an accident is never determined. Despite these problems, the right law firm can still make an effort to help you get paid for your injuries and inconvenience.
Five car accident leaves little information behind
The Yuma Police Department confirmed that a five vehicle crash happened between Avenues B and C on 16th Street. No injuries were initially reported and a video from the scene showed a tow truck loading multiple vehicles with front end damage to be taken away.

The local news was awaiting further information from the local police to develop the story and determine a cause of the accident.
How to figure out who is responsible
There can be a number of complexities associated with multiple car accidents because everyone involved will likely file claims with their insurance companies as well as possibly file lawsuits against the other drivers involved. In a case like the incident above, the lack of details about a cause of an accident can also become problematic.
Accident investigations
The main ways accidents are investigated include reports from the local police or fire department, statements from witnesses, examination of injuries and property damage, and depositions taken at a later time which are related to lawsuits. Both lawyers and insurance companies routinely utilize these pieces of information to make all kinds of strategic decisions including settlement amounts based on the severity of the accident.
Dividing fault between everyone involved
Most personal injury and car accident lawsuits are filed as negligence cases. This simply means that the careless actions of a person or business caused harm to someone else and they can be sued and ordered to pay for the problems that they have caused by a court.
Arizona has modified their negligence laws over the years to a standard called comparative negligence that is now used in many other parts of the country as well. This means that even those involved in an accident who were partially at fault can still collect money from the others who contributed to the cause of the accident. Fault can be divided in any way between everyone involved in the accident to equal one hundred percent, with no level of fault that will prevent someone from filing a lawsuit.
In most multiple car accidents, this would essentially allow everyone to sue each other.
Get the right kind of help
Because of these issues, it is important to only trust the best personal injury firm to represent you after an accident. Your attorney should understand all of these doctrines and be able to explain how they will proceed with your case in clear language that is easy to understand.
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