Some accidents may involve multiple parties, which creates a difficult situation for victims. However, there are experienced attorneys who know how to file lawsuits that attach several defendants or help with insurance claims to sort out payments for their clients.
Interstate 75 in Kennesaw was the scene of an extensive crash that involved multiple vehicles and caused several injuries.
Several cars pile up on I-75

The section of I-75 that is between Chastain Road and Barrett Parkway was the area where the crash happened. Apparently there was a vehicle stopped on the interstate for an unknown reason that was initially rear-ended by another car and started a chain reaction. Near this first collision, there was also a tractor trailer that rear ended another truck’s trailer, which caught on fire. Witnesses nearby placed multiple 911 calls before first response crews arrived. The Georgia State Patrol kept all traffic lanes closed for approximately three hours while the accident scene was cleared. The state police also did not release any information other than the fact that five people were injured, with one sustaining very serious injuries.
Who is responsible for the injuries and property damage?
In situation like this, it may be difficult to determine fault or a specific cause of the accident. There were four vehicles that collided near each, other along with a stopped car in the middle of the highway that may have possibly started the whole incident. Thankfully, negligence laws allow for fault in an accident to be divided between several parties and a personal injury lawyer can initially file claims against all defendants who may be responsible.
Negligence is the legal term for when one person’s careless actions (driving in this situation) cause harm to others. Most states have modified their negligence laws over the years to divide fault between all parties involved in an accident to equal one hundred percent. This means that even when a plaintiff is partially at fault or they need to sue several different people, it is still possible for them to collect a portion of the total damages that they sustained from each defendant.
Georgia’s comparative negligence statute
All negligence claims in the Kennesaw area are governed by Georgia’s negligence statute. There are no separate negligence laws for different cities or counties. When a jury or settlement finds a certain amount of fault from the person who filed the case, this level of fault will be deducted from the total amount they will collect. When applying the comparative negligence doctrine, the other drivers may also only share in partial level of fault that allows for a total of 100% between everyone involved. Even if this sounds complex, a conversation with an accident lawyer can give you an idea of the value of your case and how fault may be portioned based on the facts surrounding the incident.
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