Accidents happen in many situations, but most deadly crashes and the lawsuits that follow are tied to the forms of transportation people use every day such as airplanes, cars, and trains.
A plane crash in Chesterfield Missouri resulted in the death of the pilot and injuries to a man at a gas station at the scene.
Small plane crashes into a Chesterfield gas station
The small plane hit the ground in the area of Chesterfield Airport Road and Long Road. The wreckage was discovered near a McDonald’s and a BP gas station. The pilot was running late en route to St. Louis from New Mexico, although it is unclear whether the timing was a factor in the crash. A man pumping gas on the ground nearby sustained minor injuries, but no one else in the area was hurt from the crash debris. The deceased pilot was known as a community activist who helped revitalize a number of local projects. He was the only one in the plane when it crashed. The wreckage from the crash was left on the scene while the NTSB and other agencies investigated the damage to try to determine a cause of the crash.

Lawsuits that follow accidents
Accidents involving motor vehicles, airplanes, trains, trucks, and other forms of transportation all follow a similar structure. The person or business who is found to be at fault can be sued to pay for the damages suffered by the victims. Lawyers who deal with personal injury cases and tort law refer to this type of lawsuit as a negligence case.
The elements of negligence
A negligence case has four elements. These are a duty of care, breach of that duty, causation of an injury, and damages. Essentially, when someone acts carelessly or recklessly and harms another person or causes property damage, they can be sued in this way. The element of damages is the legal term for the value of things like medical bills, hospitalization, property damage, and lost wages that are tied to the problems caused by the accident.
The value of the accident
A number of different factors will determine the amount of money a victim can make from a lawsuit. This is related to the severity of their injuries and related costs such as missing time from work, the deviation from normal behavior by the defendant, and any emotional or psychological trauma caused by the incident. When someone dies, a family member can make a wrongful death claim to stand in their place and file a lawsuit for most of the same amounts. Things like medical records, accident reports, witness testimony, and evaluations by doctors can all be used to prove the amount of damages the plaintiff is requesting and project future expenses.
Talk to an expert accident attorney
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