How does a person know when they have a valid personal injury case?

What does a Wyoming personal injury lawyer do?

Miami, FL—Personal injury law covers a wide array of legal matters and cases generally stem from negligent behavior. Negligence is defined as the “failure to behave with the level of care that someone of ordinary prudence would have exercised under the same circumstances,” according to the Legal Information Institute. Essentially, what this means is that if someone behaves in a way they know could cause harm to another, they could be the subject of a personal injury lawsuit.


Examples of Personal Injury Cases


Personal injury cases generally start after an individual has been injured or harmed by someone or something and they are looking to hold someone accountable for their injuries by filing a personal injury lawsuit. Personal injury lawsuits can be filed against individuals, businesses, and even government entities. There are laws that govern who can sue and how long an individual has to come forward with their case (i.e. statute of limitations). This means a personal injury lawsuit must be filed within the period of time the state has allotted for an individual to take legal action against another party.

Now, some examples of the types of cases that fall under personal injury law include:


Motor Vehicle Accidents


Personal injury attorneys are often called upon after an individual has been involved in an accident with a careless or reckless driver and has suffered serious injuries as a result. Although insurance companies are often brought into the picture in car crash cases, a personal injury lawyer can help an accident victim recover the compensation they are due from the insurer and even file a lawsuit against the driver who hit them if insurance coverage is exhausted.


Premises Liability Cases


When an individual slips and falls on public or private property, they may have a valid case against the property owner. This could be the owner of a small business or even a government agency if the accident occurred on public property. Property owners in Florida owe all those who enter their premises a duty of care. If they fail to ensure their property is reasonably safe, they can be sued if someone suffers an injury on their premises because of this.


Product Liability Cases


If a product manufacturer creates a product, whether it is a car seat, medication, or even a hair care product, the product should not pose as a risk to consumer health. In the event there is a chance that the product could cause harm to those who use it, the company must warn consumers of this. Companies that sell harmful products to consumers and neglect to notify them of the dangers associated with using their products can be sued for personal injuries.


Work Accidents


If an individual suffers an injury in a work-related accident and their incident was caused by a third-party’s negligent behavior, a Miami personal injury lawyer can help them recover workers’ compensation benefits and even assist them with filing a personal injury lawsuit.


If an individual has been involved in any type of accident in Miami, FL, or has suffered injuries because someone was careless, inattentive, or negligent, they may have a valid personal injury case on their hands. To confirm whether an individual has the grounds to sue another party to recover compensation to make up for their injuries and losses, they should speak with a Miami, FL personal injury lawyer.

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