How does an accident victim in Pennsylvania know if an injury lawsuit is necessary?

Pittsburgh, PA – There are various types of accidents, and the losses sustained by a victim can vary greatly as well. Sometimes a victim may be safe and only experience minor inconveniences and property damage. Other times, the victim may never function as normal again due to a severe injury or medical condition related to the accident. Because each accident differs based on the resulting damages, legal advice is always a necessary part of the decision of whether formal action through the courts is necessary. 

Should the victim file a lawsuit?

Lawsuits can sometimes be necessary even if the victim has a relevant insurance policy, as insurance does not always cover all of the losses associated with the collision. However, this is a decision that should be made on a case by case basis with the help of a lawyer. There are some guiding factors that can help people decide if a lawsuit is the right move.

The severity of the accident is always important. Despite certain common misconceptions, someone who was in a minor accident will rarely get large payouts either from insurance claims or injury lawsuits. If the total damage is a few thousand dollars or less, the insurance process is usually sufficient to handle these kinds of cases. 

The potential for a victim to make a full recovery is also significant. Some of the largest damage awards go to accident victims who will need permanent help or medical assistance. These injuries can also affect the person’s income and ability to earn wages. Anyone who is permanently disabled can potentially ask for large sums of money from the defendant. 

The specific type of trauma caused by the accident can be crucial as well. Anyone who can show non-economic damages such as psychological trauma, stress disorders, and physical pain associated with their injuries may be eligible for a large amount of non-economic compensation. 

Settlement agreements

Victims often want to end the litigation related to their case and move on as quickly as possible. For this reason, most lawsuits now end with settlements rather than a full trial in court. Trials have great risk and expense, so if it is obvious which side is likely to win, the attorneys for both sides will normally make a settlement agreement. As with the damages listed in a lawsuit, the settlement should pay the plaintiff a comparable amount based on their specific injuries. Most plaintiff’s attorneys are skilled negotiators who can ask for a reasonable amount for their client. 

Finding the right accident lawyer in Pennsylvania

USAttorneys.com contains listings of attorneys who focus on accident cases in Pittsburgh and other cities throughout the United States. People who need help with injury lawsuits can browse the site and find a lawyer who matches their needs.