Lake City, FL—When an injured party is pursuing compensation from a property owner in Lake City or Gainesville, FL because they slipped and fell on their premises, they will need to prove they suffered injuries. The most effective way of doing this is through medical records. Before any insurance company or property owner is going to pay the victim of a slip and fall accident, they are going to want to see that the individual did, in fact, suffer injuries.

Unfortunately, a statement from the victim identifying how much pain they are in won’t be enough to satisfy this requirement.


How soon after a slip and fall accident should an individual go to the doctor?


Because medical records play a crucial role in slip and fall accident cases, it is recommended that an individual seek medical attention directly after a fall. Although they might only be experiencing minor lower back pain or slight discomfort somewhere else directly after the incident, this could be a sign of a more serious injury. And the only way for a victim to confirm whether or not they suffered an injury is to have a medical exam performed.


What happens if a slip and fall accident victim doesn’t seek medical attention right away?


Not only could this result in their condition worsening if they did sustain an injury, but it won’t look good for their case. If the property owner’s insurance carrier sees that no medical attention was received after the fall or treatment was obtained days or weeks later, it may be less inclined to pay for injuries. Instead, the carrier might use this against the victim and claim he/she isn’t in as much pain or discomfort as they are now claiming to be in.

Rather be safe than sorry, slip and fall accident victims should get checked out immediately after an incident occurs and follow up with their physician if they experience any lingering pain.


Does a slip and fall accident victim need to hire a Lake City, FL personal injury lawyer?


Although slip and fall accident victims aren’t required to hire a Lake City personal injury attorney, it can help them when they do so early on. When an attorney is brought on during the early stages of a case, they are given the opportunity to collect evidence while it is still fresh and available and can get to know the victim and what they are going through. In addition, hiring a personal injury lawyer shortly after a slip and fall incident allows them time to build a solid case against a property owner given it was his/her negligence that contributed to the accident occurring.


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