How is information collected and used after an accident in Yuma?

Yuma, AZ – Anytime that someone is hurt in an accident, various parties involved with the response will end up generating large amounts of information. This can be needed for the purposes of things like insurance claims, providing data for the government, and determining what kind of medical treatment is required. Accident info is also crucial during civil injury lawsuits, as the people who were harmed may try to get insurance money or file a claim against the person or business responsible to pay for their injuries.  

Investigations and gathering info

After motor vehicle crashes, workplace accidents, and most other types of accidents, there should be emergency personnel such as police officers, fire fighters, and medical staff on the scene. Once they receive information about where to respond to the accident scene, they will start to gather data from the scene and decide how their services are needed. Most of these workers are required to generate their own reports and share their findings, so they will need to put their observations into an accident report and try to determine what happened by speaking to the people involved. This is also helpful at a later time if anyone takes legal action, as things like the direct cause of the accident and the extent of the person’s injuries are often noted as well.  

Discovery and depositions

When an accident is serious enough that it results in legal action, the lawyers involved will want to dig deeper into the available info. This means that the firms representing both the plaintiff and the defense need to exchange all relevant information during the discovery process. This tends to include anything that can be related to the facts of the incident such as 911 call audio, the accident reports, statements from witnesses, pictures, and medical records. If a witness may have valuable information that will be revealed at trial, they can be called in for a deposition. This means that the person will be placed under oath and questioned extensively by an attorney while their answers are recorded. The testimony of a key witness can often cover the main issues in a case, so depositions can be one of the most important parts of trial preparation or they can be used during settlement negotiations.  

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