How long does a personal injury attorney take to resolve a lawsuit Phoenix?

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Phoenix, AZ – There are a number of different factors that can affect the timeline for litigation and settlement negotiations. Like many other situations in the legal profession, the answer is that the length of the case depends on many variables. The complexity of the case and accident in question, the amount of time it takes to gather and share information and evidence, and issues related to medical treatment and records can all affect the outcome of the case and how long it takes to come to an agreement or decide that a trial is necessary. Most cases will end in somewhere between a few months and a couple of years, but there is not an absolute answer that can be given without specific legal advice. 

The attorney for a plaintiff completes many different tasks before the case can be finalized. An overview of these items can help give an understanding of why the case will take some time. 

What personal injury attorneys do for their clients

An injury attorney provides a number of important services that may help the accident victim. In addition to filing the paperwork to start the lawsuit, there are several other things that may be the difference between winning and losing the case. The attorney has to review all of the evidence related to the accident and request items from the opposing attorney during the discovery process. They will investigate the insurance claims, accident reports, and any other formal documentation related to the collision. Lawyers are also skilled negotiators, and any talks related to a settlement are important. The lawyer will use their negotiation skills to argue for the largest sum of money allowed by law for the victim if the case reaches the trial stage or settlement discussions. 

If the case can be settled once most or all of the evidence is available, this tends to expedite the process and conclude the lawsuit much more quickly than a trial. 

How much compensation will the client get?

Most law firms will deduct some of the client’s money as part of their contingent fee for their services. However, the client will still keep a substantial percentage of the damages. Their compensation tends to reflect the severity of injuries, property damage, medical treatment, and other problems. 

Accident attorneys are ready to help in Arizona

Southwest Injury Law is a firm that is committed to helping people with their injury cases in the Phoenix area. When a victim needs legal assistance, the firm will provide advice and guidance throughout the course of their lawsuit and help the person receive the maximum amount of compensation allowed by law. 

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