Is a concussion common after a slip and fall accident?

Baton Rouge, LA – One of the most likely problems that a person involved in a car accident will face is time away from work and lost wages. It is certainly possible that an accident victim will remain out of work for weeks, months, or even years depending on the severity of the collision and the resulting injuries. Paid time off such as vacation or sick leave may also have to be used to cover time away from the job. 

However, there is no one piece of general advice regarding all injuries and the victim should ask for specific advice and a timetable to return to work from their doctor. Disobeying a doctor’s instructions can ultimately result in a longer recovery period and more lost money. Insurance companies have also been known to deny claims if a person does not take the doctor’s advice seriously. 

The calculation of lost wages

Lost income can be factored into the damages involved in a civil injury lawsuit, even if the person is seriously hurt and will lose income for years into the future. This is usually calculated by taking the person’s yearly salary and either multiplying or dividing it by the time away from their job. In other words, someone who missed two years of work after an accident will likely argue for double their annual salary as the part of damages related to their lost wages. Similar methods of calculation can be used whether wages were lost in the past or projected for upcoming years based on the recovery period after the injury. 

Non-economic damages

If someone is seriously hurt, non-economic damages for pain and suffering may become a large part of their damages as well. Things like physical pain, mental trauma, and a reduced quality of life after an injury can all be considered non-economic losses. While these amounts can not easily be quantified, there are injury lawyers who have years of experience asking for large amounts of non-economic damages in a settlement or jury verdict. 

The process of getting back to normal

It is common for a person to have reduced capacity to work after they first return to their job. This may include taking duties that are less physically demanding. If this reduced capacity for labor affects the victims earning potential, this can also be another factor in damages. 

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