How long will settlement negotiations take in an accident lawsuit in Modeste?

Modeste, LAPeople who have been injured will need compensation as soon as possible to cover medical bills and other losses from an accident. However, the victim and their lawyer will often need to negotiate a settlement with the defendant and their insurance provider before this amount is actually paid out to the plaintiff. Negotiations are also important to get the victim an amount that is large enough based on their needs, as insurance companies tend to want to offer small settlements to save money. Here are a few things that can affect the timeline of a settlement negotiation. 

Why does the case end with a settlement?

Although trials are possible in accident lawsuits, settlement agreements tend to be much more common. This is because the plaintiff has the risk of a total loss at trial with a verdict for the defendant, there can be more legal fees for the client, and preparation can take time. Settlements tend to be a good way for most accident victims to get money without these additional costs and risks, and they tend to save time as well. 

Time frame for a settlement

In most cases, an accident victim can expect their settlement to be finalized within a few weeks from the time settlement talks begin to a few months. However, it is possible that negotiations can take longer depending on things like the complexity of the case and how the insurance provider is making offers. Most lawyers will advise clients that it is better to reject low offers and wait a few extra months rather than getting a settlement that is less than they deserve. Skilled lawyers can also use various negotiation tactics to try to speed up this process when necessary.  

Final settlement agreements

The plaintiff and their lawyer should always work together to ensure that the settlement will cover all present and future expenses related to healthcare and lost income. It is generally not possible to ask for more compensation at a later time for the same accident, so the plaintiff is essentially stuck with the offer that they choose to accept, even if it will leave them on the hook for medical bills and other costs. 

Accident attorneys are available in Louisiana

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