Minor car accidents are a common occurrence on the roads on the United States. When drivers are involved in a collision, one of the first things they begin to consider is the costs associated with an accident. 

Minor car accidents happen every day.

After any minor accident, the decision to increase your policy premiums and rates is at the sole discretion of your insurance provider. This means that there is no one universal answer to this question, or exact dollar amount that applies to all minor accidents. 

While no two car insurance companies will handle this situation exactly the same way, there are some general rules that are important to know. They can choose to penalize you for the increased risk by a small amount or a large amount depending on the severity of the collision. In most minor collisions, the increases should be affordable, but there are exceptions. There is also the possibility that your insurance company may overlook a minor accident without your rates being affected. 

Keep in mind that each state has different insurance regulations that providers must follow. This can affect car insurance prices and rate increases for all drivers in your area. Some states tend to see higher increases and premium costs across the board for all car insurance policies.  

What affects rate increases?

A car insurance increase is actually affected by a number of different factors that may not be obvious. A driver who is found to be at fault will normally have to pay larger increases because this means their insurance provider will have to pay out another driver’s damages. Conversely, when a driver is not at fault and the property damage or injuries involved are minimal, the increases may be negligible. There are even insurers who offer accident forgiveness for one collision within a certain time frame, or they may choose to not increase premiums at all for some minor accidents. 

Unfortunately, most car insurance policies do go up by at least a few hundred dollars per year on average after an accident, which can become a large expense. Drivers who have multiple accidents within a short period of time can also expect large increases. 

Shopping around for a better insurance deal

Drivers can essentially switch insurance companies as often as they want. This can be done strategically if one company wants to increase your rates after an accident or for any other reasons. Insurance companies may provide very different prices to the same driver depending on their costs of doing business in your zip code. This is why it is always recommended to look around if you feel your current auto insurance policy costs too much.  

Any specific questions about your coverage and rates should always be directed to your current provider. If you are not happy with their costs or customer service, switching car insurance companies is now a simple, streamlined process. A small amount of searching on the web should provide information about several affordable car insurance companies in your area. 

Get more help with accidents and insurance policies

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