Iowa City, IA – The most common injuries that are likely to occur after a motor vehicle accident are related to back trauma and pain. The unfortunate result of a recurrent or permanent back injury is that the victim will likely have significant costs for years to come. One of the best ways for people to get help with the costs of treatment is to hire a personal injury lawyer to sue the person or business responsible for various kinds of damages that cover medical costs and related problems such as time away from work.  

Costs that can be attributed to back injuries

Various studies have shown that back pain and related problems cost Americans billions of dollars each year. The estimates generally range somewhere between $10 and $20 billion for lost wages and treatment alone. When limitations on the kind of work that an injured person can do are factored into the equation, these numbers go even higher. Back pain in general is also one of the most common reasons why people miss work, whether the pain was caused by a car accident or other health issues. 

Some back who experience regular back pain may only use over the counter medications or occasionally visit their primary care physician. Others may require multiple surgeries to fix their issues or constantly visit a chiropractor for spine realignment. The diagnosis of a back problem can also require multiple scans or x-rays over the course of months before a course of treatment is ever recommended. For these reasons, the costs associated with back pain after an accident may vary greatly depending on the specifics of the injury involved. However, anyone who is experiencing consistent or chronic back issues after an accident should look into a lawsuit against the person or business responsible. 

Factoring the costs of back pain into an injury lawsuit

When an attorney for the victim files a lawsuit, there will be an argument for various types of damages related to monetary losses and pain and suffering. The economic damages can be shown through records of treatment from doctors, hospital stays, medication costs, and similar healthcare costs. Non-economic damages can be demonstrated through the victims reduction in quality of life, along with any trauma, emotional, or physical pain that is recurrent. Specific amounts can only be obtained after discussing the injury with an attorney.  

Finding help after any kind of accident

Eells and Tronvold Law Offices is a firm that is available to file personal injury lawsuits in the Cedar Rapids area. Accident victims can schedule a meeting with the firm to discuss the specifics of their situation and get legal advice.  

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