San Antonio, TX, When might the driver in front be liable for a rear-end accident?

Rear-end accidents are among some of the most common types of car collisions that occur in Miami. With the city attracting many individuals for work and tourism, the roads often get crowded, which causes drivers to become impatient and looking for a way to avoid traffic. Unfortunately, this element is one of many that is a top contributing factor in the rear-end accidents that occur.

If a driver was recently involved in a rear-end accident in Miami, FL, they may be wondering what their claim is worth. The truth is, before a rear-end accident claim can be valued, there are a number of factors that must be taken into account. Fault is one of those factors.


How can liability affect a rear-end accident claim?


In most rear-end accidents, it is the driver who was riding in the back that is responsible for causing the accident. However, there are times when both drivers involved in a rear-end collision may be held accountable. If the driver who was riding in the front was found to be partially responsible for causing a rear-end crash even though it was their vehicle that was hit from behind, their claim could be reduced given they are entitled to recover compensation for their injuries/damages.

Florida’s Pure Comparative Fault System


If a driver was engaging in negligent behavior (e.g. they were distracted, driving too fast for roadway conditions, etc.) and was found to share some of the blame for a rear-end accident, Florida law says they would be held liable by having their damages, if any are awarded, diminished by their percentage of fault [Source: Florida Statute §768.81]. Essentially, what this means is that if an individual was awarded $350,000 for the injuries and losses they suffered in a rear-end accident and they were found to be 10% responsible for causing it, their award would be reduced by $35,000.

Fortunately, because Florida doesn’t bar a car accident victim in Miami from recovering damages when they are found to be partially responsible for causing a collision, they should contact an accident lawyer in Miami, FL to find out if they have a viable cause and how much it is worth.


Speak with a Miami, FL Accident Attorney to Learn More About Recovering Compensation After an Accident


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