No matter how carefully a person treads on the road, there is always the risk of getting into an accident. Even if a driver takes all the necessary precautions and makes sure to follow all the traffic rules, they can not control the actions of others, and one mistake from another driver can result in an accident.

In Florida, it is required to report an accident if there was serious damage done (over $500) or if anyone was hurt during the collision. Right after the accident, the police should be called, or a crash report must be submitted to ensure that the collision is on record. Drivers not only have the responsibility of making sure they report the collision, but they also have the responsibility of making sure that anyone affected by the collision is taken care of and gets the medical help they need to overcome their injuries.

Time should be taken to properly document everything that happened, and photographs should be taken of the collision just in case matters happen to escalate later on and a person is required to present evidence of the accident in a court setting. A person will also usually need photographs to prove to the insurance company that they are eligible to receive a settlement.

Determining the amount of settlement after an accident in Florida

When it comes to how much money a person will get at the end of the day to cover their damages, many different factors are taken into consideration and that is why every settlement case is different.

The most important factors taken into consideration by the insurance adjuster and the court include:

  • How serious the injuries are
  • How much income was lost due to the accident?
  • How much it costs to cover all medical expenses
  • Whether the accident was entirely one drivers’ fault or if there is shared liability
  • The amount and type of evidence that is provided

Apart from the above points, the ability of a person to present and argue their case in a legally justified manner can make all the difference in determining how much compensation a person is entitled to. An accident attorney can help a person put their case together in such a manner that their compensation is given quickly and a fair amount is agreed on.

When it comes to car accidents, Florida drivers have around 4 years from the date of the accident to file a complaint regarding personal injuries or property damage. If this limit is exceeding, then a person will not be able to file a claim, unless they were in very unique circumstances, An attorney can assist a person with their car accident case directly from the beginning so they do not miss any deadlines and so their chances of getting compensated fairly are significantly improved.