How should a victim respond to an accident that involved both commercial vehicles and regular drivers?

major rollover accident

New London, CT – Because of the large amount of both commercial vehicles and standard cars on the road, it is possible that a driver may be involved in a collision that involved different types of vehicles. Whether a truck, ride sharing driver, or other vehicle that is used for business purposes causes the collision, they can be sued like any other driver in a personal injury case. It is also likely that a multiple vehicle crash will involve some level of fault from a standard driver as well. Any of these parties can be attached as a defendant in a standard negligence lawsuit and made to pay for the victim’s losses. 

Connecticut’s negligence laws

Connecticut uses the doctrine of modified comparative negligence. This means that as long as the plaintiff is less than 51% at fault for the collision, they can collect damages from the other defendants. Their level of fault is a factual determination made by the jury at trial based on the evidence presented. If the plaintiff is able to collect, but they are partially at fault, the amount of damages they collect will be reduced relative to their amount of fault. 

Is it possible that multiple drivers can be at fault for one person’s injuries?

Multiple drivers can share some level of fault in a negligence case or for insurance purposes. These types of accidents can become complex from a legal standpoint, but there may be various problems such as a trucker who was not following proper regulations for driving at the time, as well as another driver that was speeding. Both of these drivers would likely be attributed some amount of fault when the victim takes legal action. There is also a possibility that a case can be settled against one defendant and released from the lawsuit, while the lawsuit against the other defendant requires additional litigation or a full trial.  

Specific damages available

The compensation that is given to the victim will include costs for things like medical care, lost income and wages, and non-economic losses for pain and suffering. These amounts tend to increase with the severity of the accident and the amount of total damages such as bodily injuries and property damage. However, because each accident is different and the specific damages tend to be highly variable, it is important for victims to get advice from their lawyer before trying to estimate their case’s value. 

Injury attorneys in Connecticut

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