How soon after a construction accident must an employee report their injuries to their employer?

Three Lakes, FL—When a construction worker suffers an injury in a work-related accident, they should report their injuries to their employer no later than 30 days following the incident. In fact, the Florida Division of Workers’ Compensation says that if a work accident with injuries is reported more than 30 days following an incident, their request for workers’ compensation may be denied.


The Sooner a Work Injury is Reported, the Sooner a Worker Can Gain Access to Medical Benefits


Construction workers who qualify for workers’ compensation benefits should be able to obtain them after they report their injuries to their employer. A worker’s employer should notify their insurer of the accident and the carrier should then provide the injured party with information regarding their workers’ comp benefits.

If an injured construction worker was denied workers’ compensation benefits or was told their injury does not qualify them to receive benefits, they can always consult with a Three Lakes, FL workers’ comp attorney to find out if the information they received was accurate.


Will a construction worker who suffered injuries in a work accident be required to pay for some or all of their medical care?


If an injured construction worker in Three Lakes, FL qualifies for workers’ compensation benefits, then no, they should not be required to pay for any of the medical treatment they need to have rendered. In fact, if they have a qualifying injury, then the insurer should cover all of their medical costs including1:

  • Doctor visits
  • Physical therapy
  • Medical tests
  • Prescription medication
  • Visits to the hospital
  • Prostheses
  • Travel expenses (i.e. to and from doctor appointments)


If an individual is asked to pay for any of the medical care they need to have rendered, they should first contact the insurance company to find out why. The workers’ compensation system is designed to give injured workers access to the medical care they need so that they are able to get better and return to work. Injured workers should not be asked to pay for medical care related to their work injuries so as long as it is provided by an authorized physician.

If an injured construction worker seeks care from a provider that was not authorized to render treatment, they will likely be required to pay for this care out of their own pocket.


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