With distracted driving claiming the lives of hundreds of individuals each year, one New Year’s resolution you might consider taking on is how you can detox yourself from engaging in the act. With new technology constantly coming out and cell phones that draw all of your attention, it is important that we remain cognizant of how dangerous roadways already are and how we are contributing to this danger each time we decide to pick up our cell phones. So, if you are interested in helping to make the roads safer to travel on while reducing the chances of an accident occurring, read on to learn how you can detox yourself from distracted driving.

  1. Put the phone down. Although you might think you are a “safe” driver who can multitask, that is likely what all the others thought right before they swerved into another driver’s lane or completely drove off the road. Rather than risk your life for a text message, keep the phone out of sight until you have arrived at your desired destination.


  1. Program your GPS before taking off. If you know you are going somewhere that requires GPS navigation, program the address beforehand to avoid having to do it while driving.


  1. Avoid talking on the phone. Research has shown that the act of using your hands to talk on your phone isn’t what distracts you, rather, it’s the cognitive distraction that leads to accidents occurring. So, refrain from texting and talking while driving.


  1. If you are new to driving, avoid traveling with passengers. Talking, playing, joking, and laughing all take away from you putting forth all your attention on driving.
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    It’s time drivers let distracted driving be a thing of the past.


  1. If your vehicle comes equipped with the ability to access the internet, send text messages, or shoot off an email, this still averts your mind from focusing on the roadway to focusing on the content being sent in the message, hence it is another form of distraction.


  1. If you can’t seem to fight the temptation to check your phone each time you hear that “ding,” turn it on silent or even off until you have gotten to where you are going.

Not only is distracted driving against the law, but it only puts your life at risk of being involved in a serious or fatal auto accident.
Among all the other resolutions you have vowed to accomplish, let detoxing yourself from distracted driving be yet another to add to your list. And if you happened to have been involved in an accident recently in Medford, NJ, don’t hesitate to contact Medford accident lawyer Louis Podel. You have rights as an accident victim and the Law Offices of Louis Podel want to be sure they are being exercised. You don’t have to go through the pain and suffering alone as you have a dedicated and reliable accident attorney ready to support you through this rough time. You can schedule a consultation with a lawyer now by calling 215-769-0100.

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