The automotive industry has been working hard at constructing vehicles that are safer to drive in by implementing the use of technology to help accomplish this. With smart cars and autonomous vehicles being introduced, we see just how skilled workers in this field are. Soon, the manner in which we drive is going to be entirely different and as a result, we can only hope that there are fewer accidents occurring on our roadways and more people surviving any of the ones that do transpire.
With ideas already being presented to society, Property Casualty 360 has highlighted some ways carmakers intend to make cars “smarter” in 2018. Below we present to you some of the things you can expect to see being developed or implemented over the course of the next few months.

  1. Nissan has released information on their research that works to enable a vehicle’s ability to interpret signals from its driver’s brain. Its goal is to help redefine how people interact with their cars. It’s called the Brain-to-Vehicle technology, or B2V, and the goal of it is to “increase driver reaction times” and increase driver safety.
  2. Ford and the makers of the vehicle navigation app Waze collaborated and are creating a touch screen that will project directions and driving insights for those who purchase a Ford that comes equipped with the feature.
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    With all these improvements being made in the automotive industry, we hope to experience safer driving conditions.

  3. Civil Maps, which is the developer of cognition software for autonomous vehicles, has fused “sensor and map data to provide drivers with details about road conditions, pedestrians, traffic signals, and more.”
  4. Henrik Fisker has unveiled his EMotion Electric Luxury Sedan that includes five integrated Quanergy S3 LiDAR sensors for autonomous driving, automatic butterfly doors, and luxurious interior.
  5. Toyota Motor Corporation introduced its e-Palette Concept Vehicle which is a fully autonomous, battery-electric vehicle that will have an open control interface and will allow partner companies to install their own automated driving system.
  6. Garmin and AccuWeather have teamed up together to create a service that uses MinuteCast, a patented software that pairs with Garmin routing algorithms to provide users with real-time weather updates.

If you would like to find out what some of the other innovative ideas are that are expected to be implemented this coming year, visit Property Casualty 360.
All these new and innovative methods of converging technology with driving will all be displayed at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas and will include a 290,000-square-foot “Vehicle Technology” exhibition space where 600 exhibitors will have the opportunity to display the latest in self-driving technology. Hopefully, with this new wave of travel being created, our roadways will, in fact, become safer and less hazardous to travel on.
Until then, we must continue to increase our awareness while driving and ensure we are implementing every tactic possible to help avoid an accident from occurring.
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