As everyone seems to be getting back into their normal daily routines after being impacted by the deadly Hurricane Irma that devastated several parts of Florida, unfortunate accidents are back on the rise. Several accidents have already been reported by various news source sites, some citing the deaths of innocent individuals.
The first accident that occurred was in Clearwater, Florida, which is only about an hour or so away from Lakeland, and it involved two boats which collided into one another. Boating accidents, just as auto accidents, can occur for a number of different reasons, however, we aren’t sure what was the cause of this one. According to The Ledger, 52-year old Craig Butz of Altamonte Springs was riding in the boat with a four-year-old girl when their boat collided into another traveler. The accident happened in the Intracoastal Waterway near Clearwater Beach.
Although the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission is investigating the incident that occurred, Craig Butz did not survive the boating accident after being taken to a nearby hospital to be treated for his injuries. The young girl was flown to a St. Petersburg hospital, however, her name has not yet been announced.

Involved in a boating accident in Lakeland, FL?

Accidents like the one described above happen frequently and sometimes transpire because someone demonstrated reckless or negligent characteristics. If you or someone you love was harmed or even killed in a boating accident, an accident lawyer in Lakeland can represent you or the family of the decedent and help to get a personal injury lawsuit filed. Accidents victims are often forced to suffer from unfortunate circumstances all because someone was engaging in behavior they know they should have avoided. is available to help place you in contact with a nearby accident attorney in Lakeland should you have a legal question you need answering.
As tragic as this boating crash was, the accidents don’t stop there.
The Ledger also reported yet another tragedy that occurred, this one possibly caused by the destruction Hurricane Irma left behind. Apparently, a Florida worker was trimming trees on Sunday when he was electrocuted from a power line that was hanging a bit too low. He was working in a bucket when the incident transpired. The worker was pronounced dead on the scene.

Were you or someone you know injured in a work-related accident in Lakeland, FL?

Accidents can happen anywhere, many of which occur while working. When an incident strikes at work, it can leave you and your family suffering both physically and financially. While most workers who are injured on the job qualify for workers’ compensation, what happens to the family who depended on that individual to provide? That is where a Lakeland accident attorney comes into the picture. From personal injury claims to wrongful death lawsuits, there are various options injured individuals and their families have after an accident occurs.
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