A 6 year old sustained serious injuries in an auto accident in North Haven and is currently in a critical condition. As reported by wtnh.com, the car accident occurred on Christmas morning as per the police report filed in connection with the crash. Accident attorneys in New Haven, CT are also trying to figure out what happened here.

The auto accident site has been described as the northbound lane of I-91 in the proximity of exit 12. It was a single vehicle crash and no other vehicle was involved. The car that crashed is said to have been occupied by four persons, one of whom was a six year old child that was thrown out of the vehicle upon collision.

Little girl strapped into a childs safety seat

Accident lawyers in New Haven, CT and so many others know that children are precious. It is sad when one of them has their life cut short. The guilty person needs to be held accountable. This is where USAttorneys.com comes into the fold. Any questions? Contact us! We will call you back within a couple of hours.

The 6 year old was rushed to Yale-New Haven Hospital for Children by responding emergency medical technicians and is said to be in a critical condition. The other occupants of the car included the driver, 23 year old Lexsis Walters, and two teenage passengers.
All of them escaped with minor injuries as per law enforcement officers. Despite not being seriously hurt, all three of them were transported to Yale-New Haven hospital to be medically examined.
Law enforcement officers are encouraging anyone that may have witnessed the car accident or anyone that may have some information pertaining to the auto accident to reach out to state police troopers. Auto accident lawyers in New Haven, CT point out that evidence from the police report and other sources will play a major role in establishing any liability, insurance and other legal issues.
Fatal Accident on Route 1 Being Investigated
24 year old Stephanie Turowski has been identified as the victim in a fatal car accident which occurred on Route 1 earlier this week. Unfortunately, Turowski succumbed to her injuries in an auto accident that is believed to involve multiple vehicles, according to wtnh.com.
Two crashed cars

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Waterford Police officers were called to the scene and they supposedly found several persons who were injured in the vehicles. Four of the injured were rushed to Lawrence and Memorial Hospital, a fifth victim was transported to Yale-New Haven hospital by Life Star air ambulance. One of them remains in critical condition. Turowski was a passenger in one of the cars involved in the auto accident.
Connecticut accident lawyers say that the car accident report and witness statements, if any, will help establish liability and other legal related matters.
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