Accidents continue to plague North New Jersey due to icy conditions that have been responsible for over 100 accidents. This includes a fatal New Jersey Turnpike crash involving 20 cars that killed one person. As many as 78 car crashes were reported within a 24 hour period according to New Jersey State Police.

South Brunswick also experienced as many as 14 car crashes within a two hour period due to icy conditions and black ice. Two pedestrians and bicyclists were injured in some of the accidents while a garbage truck lost control and slid into a gas station on Route 1. Northeast and Central New Jersey have been the worst hit in terms of road accidents over the last few days.
Drunk motorist tries to take advantage
However, black ice also became an excuse for a motorist to cover up for a DWI crash. 20 year old Brian Byers hoped he could fool the cops after he crashed while driving drunk. Along with a friend, Byers attempted to make the accident appear as if it was caused by dangerous road conditions. According to Sparta police officers, Byers drove through a stop sign and crashed a 2001 BMW belonging to one of his family members into a guard rail.
After the accident, the drunk driver drove a mile all the way home and came back with a friend to the scene of the accident with two buckets of water. Byers and his 20 year old friend Alexander Zambenedetti poured the water at the accident scene with the intention of creating a black ice slick. Well, at least they are thinking! Too bad they are selfish and foolish. And their wrecked BMW is on them too.
The ploy
Officer C.J. Grauerholz of the Sparta police department who was on duty spotted Byers near his car which was left idling in the middle of the road along. His partner, Zambenedetti, was sitting shirtless in the driver’s seat despite the freezing temperature. Upon being questioned about his lack of attire, Zambenedetti blamed it on a soaked shirt after a fall. During a search of the BMW, the police officer found two buckets which still had some water in them. Investigators say the men attempted to blame the accident on black ice as a cover up for Byers’ drinking.
Guilty as charged
According to New Jersey accident attorneys, Byers has been charged on several counts, which includes drunk driving, reckless driving, failure to stop at a stop sign, and failure to report an accident. He has also been charged with leaving the scene of an accident and for creating dangerous road conditions by icing the intersection. The Department of Public Works dumped as much as half a ton of salt at the intersection to make the road safe for traffic.
Zambenedetti did not escape the law either. He failed field sobriety tests and was charged with driving under the influence, reckless driving, and failure to wear a seat belt. According to police reports, he denied having operated the BMW despite being found in the driver’s seat. Both were released a few hours after their arrest and are due in court shortly.
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