Winter weather conditions have taken a toll on US roads with a number of accidents reported throughout the northeast. Driving on icy roads recently led to a 20-car accident in the Bronx, in which many drivers were dangerously trapped in their vehicles.

Over nine people were killed in other accidents due to slippery driving conditions while the number of injured has been tenfold. An 11-car pileup on the Cross Bronx Expressway was just one of hundreds of accidents witnessed across New York while one of Staten Island’s prominent rabbis also lost his life in a similar accident.
A spate of accidents due to icy road conditions
New Jersey has also experienced as many as 400 accidents due to icy road conditions across the state.  Recently, the Long Island Expressway remained shut at the Queens Midtown Tunnel while the New York Thruway was also closed to traffic due to ice.
A vehicle turned turtle in the Taconic State Parkway in Westchester, seriously injuring five people. Heavy rain combined with freezing temperatures recently created major problems of black-ice throughout the northeast with the Emergency Medical Services put under pressure due to hefty backlog of over 650 calls. High winds and icy streets have also hampered firefighting operations.

78 year old Margaret Henry was killed after her Bronx apartment caught fire due to an electrical short circuit. She was found unconscious in the kitchen of her apartment at 2874 Grand Concourse, Bedford Park.
Winter driving can be dangerous
Several experts including Bronx NY accident attorneys say that there are many reasons why accidents take place on icy roads. While the most obvious is the road condition, some drivers aren’t aware that they cannot drive at normal speeds in slippery conditions. This is because they have not been properly educated; this is from their politically correct high schools or not being tested properly before they are given their license.
Others are nervous about driving in wintery conditions while there are many who don’t know how to hand their vehicle if it skids or slides, which could easily lead to injuries, fatalities and damage to vehicles and property. Very often roads are not treated with salt, which increases the risk of accidents while the formation of black ice is always a hazard.
Accident attorneys highlight winter driving laws
The FHA Federal Highway Administration says that statistics indicate that for every four crashes on U.S. roads one accident is weather related, which is usually due to snow and ice. According to Bronx NY accident attorneys, there are many factors that lead to road accidents in winter while it is essential to be aware of state and local municipal regulations that cover driving in winter.
It is too bad New York State and the City have such high taxes which has only damaged the economy in these two entities. On top of this, there has been corruption in the highest offices in New York State with Silver being the main culprit. He is one of the top reasons New York is not as economically vibrant as it should be.
New York – not the place to live
In addition, it is important to know your rights in the event of a car crash in the snow. Very often, to avoid paying a claim insurance adjusters trick motorists into admitting liability. Accident attorneys warn drivers to make sure their vehicle is clear of snow and ice. Failure to do so could result in a citation and fines ranging from $25 to $75 if there is no damage or injury, which increases to $200 to $1,000 in the case of damage or injury.

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