Accident lawyer in Boise, Idaho discusses some risks of being a Good Samaritan
Boise, ID- As you’re driving on the streets or highways of Boise, you’ve probably run across a stranded motorist or the aftermath of an accident and rushed to help. It’s human nature to want to aide others, especially in dire situations, but there are dangers to being a Good Samaritan, as demonstrated by a recent Idaho accident.
Good Samaritan accident in Idaho reports that Caldwell man is in critical condition after stopping to assist a motorist who was involved in a single-vehicle crash on New Year’s Eve. According to the TV-station, a 37-year-old man lost control of his vehicle in the far-left lane of the westbound side of I-84 around 1:30 a.m.
Another motorist, a 47-year-old man, came across the accident scene and stopped to assist the accident victim. Both men were standing outside their vehicles when two other vehicles came upon the accident and swerved to hit one vehicle which was partially in the left lane. Both men were struck by the swerving vehicles.
The 37-year-old man, who was in the initial crash, was pronounced dead at the scene. The Good Samaritan was also hit and suffered critical injuries.
Following the crash, Idaho law enforcement warned motorist to be cautious when stopping to help after an accident. They don’t want motorists to stop being Good Samaritans; they just want motorists to take steps to ensure their safety and the safety of the people they are stopping to assist.

Dangers of being a Good Samaritan
Knowing the dangers of being a Good Samaritan can help you avoid getting harmed or causing additional harm to an accident victim. As the above accident demonstrates, a Good Samaritan is in danger of being struck by passing cars.
You shouldn’t be afraid to help the victims of a crash, but you should act with caution and take precautionary steps to protect yourself and the victim:
If you stop for a stranded motorist of accident victims, per Esurance, you should:
Make certain your vehicle is completely out of any lanes of travel and it isn’t going to roll or slide.
Leave a clear path for emergency vehicles.
Call 911.
Don’t move a victim unless their vehicle is on fire. If they suffered a spinal, neck or back injury, moving could make their injuries worse.

Idaho’s Good Samaritan laws
If you give aid to an accident, you should be shielded from liability, but there are exceptions to the rule. Idaho’s Good Samaritan laws state that motorists are not liable for injuries or damage when they stop to give aid to an accident victim.
Get legal help if you are injured
Were you hurt in a traffic accident or injured as a Good Samaritan? If so, then USAttorneys recommends you speak with an accident attorney to ensure you recover compensation for your pain and suffering. Boise, Idaho accident victims should contact the Law Office of Johnson & Lundgreen and set up a consultation with one of their experienced and dedicated personal injury lawyers. Call their office at 1-208-376-5256.

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