After a work-related accident occurs in Boise City, Idaho, it is rather important that you inform your employer of your accident to ensure a claim is filed so you can begin receiving benefits. Sometimes, you might have to take it a step further if you feel your employer isn’t providing you with the help you need. There are different types of departments and state agencies available that can help you with your worker’s compensation claim as well as our accident attorneys in Boise City.
The state of Idaho industrial Commission is one state agency that has many different responsibilities that deal with employment law and other employer requirements. Some of the tasks this state agency is responsible for include:

  • Regulating workers’ compensation activities in Idaho.
  • Making sure that employers who are required to carry worker’s compensation coverage are carrying it.
  • Settling disputes between injured workers, employers, and insurers.
  • Make decisions in terms of appeals for unemployment decisions from the Idaho Department of Labor.
  • Providing assistance to injured workers by supporting their medical recovery while “facilitating a timely return to employment that is as close as possible to the worker’s pre-injury status and wage.”


Will my employer pay cover the entire cost for my injuries?

Under Section 72-508 and Section 72-803, Idaho Code, those responsible for paying an employee for workers’ compensation benefits are responsible for paying the acceptable charges for medical care provided by a physician. An acceptable charge is defined as “The charge for medical services calculated in accordance with this rule or as billed by the provider, whichever is lower, or the charge agreed to pursuant to a written contract.”
If you are being asked to pay out of pocket for medical care, be sure to consult with one of our Boise City, Idaho accident lawyers first. Sometimes, when an accident victim isn’t aware of what their responsibilities are, they are often taken advantage of and we want to help you avoid this at all costs.

What else is my employer obligated to do under the state Workers Compensation Law?

While it is important that you receive the necessary treatments to help heal your injuries, your employer must also keep up with their responsibilities so you can continue receiving the medical care you are getting. Because most workers’ compensation claims are going to go through a provider, your employer is required to make a payment within 30 calendar days from receiving the bill unless they deny liability for the claim.
In this case, you might want to contact an accident attorney in Boise City if your employer isn’t complying with the state requirement as stated under the Workers’ Compensation Law.
While our Boise workers’ compensation and accident attorneys can help you with your claim, you can also call upon the Idaho Industrial Commission if you need further assistance.
If you wish to contact the Idaho Industrial Commission, their location and phone number is provided below for your convenience.

  1. The mailing address is:

Idaho Industrial Commission
P.O. Box 83720
Boise, ID 83720-0041

  1. Principal place of business address is:

Idaho Industrial Commission
700 S. Clearwater Lane
Boise, ID 83712

  1. Phone number