Daycare Accidents in Meridian, Idaho
Daycare facilities and the workers employed have a level of care they are expected to display to ensure the safety of the children attending the school is always number one priority. But, when a staff member or the business itself acts carelessly resulting in an accident occurring, they can be held accountable for any injuries or deaths that resulted from that accident.
If your child was injured or lost their life in an accident that occurred in the daycare responsible for caring for them, you may be able to hold the facility or even a staff member responsible by filing a personal injury lawsuit or a wrongful death lawsuit with the help from one of our accident lawyers in Meridian. Let’s take a look at both to better understand what qualifies you to file each type of lawsuit and how you can initiate the process.

Filing a personal injury lawsuit against a daycare in or near Meridian, Idaho

You are permitted to file a personal injury lawsuit against a daycare and/or the workers if:

  • You can prove negligent or reckless behavior was displayed which resulted in your child sustaining an injury.
  • The daycare facility contained potential hazards that should not have been present. Some examples of some hazards might include:
  1. The facility failing to store medications.
  2. Unsafe playground equipment
  3. Wet floors
  4. Loose handrails
  5. Children left unsupervised
  6. Unsafe or uneven flooring

Children get hurt all the time as they are in a stage of exploring and trying new things. While many of the accidents they engage in are due to their own actions, if the accident that led to your child suffering was a direct result of someone else’s behavior or failure to display a certain type of behavior, then that accident could have been prevented. That in return would qualify you to file a lawsuit against the facility.
If your child survived the accident and you want to begin taking the necessary steps to holding them accountable, contact us now. We have accident and injury attorneys in Meridian and nearby cities ready and available to assist you with your lawsuit.

Filing a wrongful death lawsuit against a daycare facility in Meridian, UT

Now, if your child was the unfortunate victim of an accident and they didn’t survive, we understand how difficult times might be right now. While proof of negligence is still required to file suit, your lawsuit would change from a personal injury to a wrongful death. You are still claiming that the facility engaged in reckless or inattentive behavior that resulted in the death of your child. In order to hold the business accountable, you will want an accident attorney in Meridian, Idaho to initiate the process as it can be rather complex and confusing.

We can help your family pursue justice for the wrongful death of your loved one

Having a child sustain an injury or lose their life is devastating. At, we understand that which is why we are here to help. If you want to seek justice and collect damages for or on behalf of your child, our Meridian, UT accident attorneys can help you do this. You may be able to collect economic damages including compensation for:

  • Medical bills
  • Funeral costs
  • Pain and suffering, and many others

Give us a call now and an agent will work with you to locate a nearby attorney in your area who is conveniently located to you.