According to Springfield Illinois accident attorneys, every motorist must understand the procedures involved if they happen to be in a car accident.
Whether it is a fender bender or a pile up the state of Illinois expects car owners involved in a road accident to follow special procedures.
Stop the car and do not abandon the scene of the accident. It is natural to panic and leave but doing that would only point a finger at the driver and invoke criminal and civil liabilities.

  • Seek assistance whether from medical or law enforcement. Call 911 if possible.
    • Relay to the authorities as clearly as possible as to what happened
    • As for the officers, ask for their ID and contact information or a business card
    • Ask how to receive a copy of the police report for the insurance claim
  • Record the other drivers contact information – at least their name, address, phone, and insurance company name.
  • Record name and contact information of witnesses if any.
  • Document the facts of the insurance information somewhere since you might forget to later.
  • Get in touch with your insurance company immediately – they have a time limit for reporting an accident. They may be able to send an agent to the scene. Make sure to have the car inspected by the insurer’s agent before having it repaired.

According to Springfield Illinois accident attorneys, it is illegal to drive in Illinois without a minimum amount of insurance. If in doubt read the insurance policy for clarification. Talk to your accident attorney if you need help.
Insurance Claim Premiums have Increased by 35% for Illinois Residents
Car insurance premiums costs the earth for those involved in a car accident in Illinois, requiring the owner to have at least five claim free years before the negative record is reset by the insurance company.
According to a study, premiums paid by a 45 year woman rise significantly after an accident. An impeccable driving record and standout credit ratings do not help if the woman is at fault and a $2,000 claim after the accident can drive insurance premiums up by as much as 35%. A second fault drives premiums even higher and she would be expected to pay premiums, which are 104% greater than a driver who does not have any insurance claims on her record.
Quadrant Information Services were hired by Insurance Quotes to conduct the above study. It compared six of the largest insurance carriers in 50 US states and DC. The study assumed policy limits of $100,000 for injury liability for a single person, three times this amount in liability for all and claims at the benchmark of $2,000 with a $500 deductible on collision and total coverage.
The study found that a first time accident in Massachusetts drove premiums up by as much as 76%, which is huge when compared to the national average standing at 41%. Given this, the astute driver should refrain from filing small claims since it would be a small amount compared to the jump in insurance costs.
Living is Expensive
In California, filing a body injury claim drives premiums up by 86%. With hospital costs being five times higher on the average for insurance companies than car body shop costs, any injury claims mean higher premiums for the car owner. It seems it is better to remain hurt and to just walk to work. But you cannot walk to work because most likely your work is not in your neighborhood.
Non-collision damages like theft do not affect premiums that much. If the owner is not at fault in a collision his or her premiums remain unaffected.

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