On April 4, 2019, a lawsuit was filed against Boeing for the death of a woman, Samya Stumo, who was killed during the Ethiopian crash which occurred on March 10, 2019. The lawsuit was filed after investigators determined that the cause of the crash could have been prevented had Boeing followed appropriate protocol. The cause of the crash was essentially due to lack of maintenance on behalf of Boeing.
It was determined that the attack sensor on the plane had been hit by a foreign object and that is why the plane crashed only 6 minutes after taking off. Alarmingly, all 157 passengers on the plane were killed due to this preventable accident.
Instead of taking precautionary measures and ensuring the plane was in proper working order, the plane was still scheduled to fly at the allotted time, despite warnings. It is thought that this decision was made by Boeing in an attempt to save money.
The 24-year-old woman who passed away worked for ThinkWell which was a health system development organization and her family members say she was a very valuable asset to society.
She had achieved an early university graduation and was flying on a business trip on behalf of her company. Her family members said they will miss her dearly and that the community would definitely miss out on her potential contributions to society.
The family members of Stumo are accusing Boeing of negligence, and claiming that Boeing had breached its warranty. They are also claiming strict liability against Boeing.
This lawsuit comes after another recent lawsuit laid against Boeing for a plane accident which occurred in Indonesia.

What should I do if my family member was killed in a plane accident?

If a person lost a loved one during a plane accident it is in their best interest to call an accident lawyer in Chicago, Illinois. An accident lawyer can help a person file a wrongful death claim against the aircraft company and possibly against the pilot depending on what the cause of the accident was.
Depending on how much pain and grievance an individual suffers because of the loss of their loved one, they can earn compensation in an appropriate amount. In some cases, punitive damages can even be laid on the aircraft company.
Punitive damages are extra fines the company is compelled to pay in addition to compensatory damages as a form of legal punishment. Punitive damages are generally only granted if the aircraft company was extremely negligent and their severe lack of care resulted in huge losses for the individuals involved. A lawyer can help a person determine which damages they are eligible to file for.
If an individual was injured badly in an aircraft crash they can claim compensatory damages to cover their medical expenses and they can also claim compensation for the wages which they will miss while they are recovering from their injuries.