While most people think attorneys who deal with accidents file lawsuits after car crashes or slip and fall cases, just about any situation where a person is entrusted to the care of another individual or business has the potential to turn into a lawsuit when someone is injured.
A recent accident that resulted in lawsuits was the crash of Ethiopian Airlines flight 302 in March of 2019. This crash caused the deaths of over 150 people, and the incident had many similarities to another crash involving the same model of airplane produced by Boeing in October of the previous year, which killed just about as many people. In both incidents everyone on board died as a result of the crash.

The background
The Ethiopian Airlines flight on a Boeing 737 MAX 8 model took off at approximately 8:30 am on a Saturday morning. The flight was leaving Addis Ababa and headed to Nairobi. Shortly after takeoff, there were apparently complications and contact with air traffic controllers was lost within minutes. The pilot sent out a distress signal and was cleared to return to the airport, but the plane crashed shortly afterwards. The victims on board represented people from about 30 different nations, including 8 passengers from the United States.
What caused the crashes?
There were apparently some issues with Boeing installing defective flight control systems on similar planes that had crashed in the past. The automated systems essentially tried to force the planes into the ground due to an issue with faulty sensors, while the pilot attempted to struggle with these faulty systems to maintain control. Eventually, the pilots lost control and the planes started to dive.
There may have been issues with pilot training or the lack of availability of an override system as a safety measure. There is also the possibility that Boeing had installed these kinds of systems to save money or cut corners at the expense of passenger safety.
Because two such crashes happened in the span of a few months, this would tend to suggest that the company should have been put on notice about the faulty equipment. A skilled accident lawyer can argue that they were negligent for allowing passengers to board flights that had similar issues rather than taking measures to prevent further harm.
A clear case of negligence
An airline is expected to exercise a certain amount of caution and reasonable care to make sure that passengers are not injured or killed during their flights. This is because their primary business is transportation, and guests expect to arrive at their destination safely.
An accident lawyer can easily argue that the defective control systems or other problems were an actual cause of the deaths of the passengers, and a foreseeable error that should have been corrected. Because of these oversights, the airline can be held responsible for the deaths of the passengers.
The damages in these kinds of cases are related to things like the deceased person’s lost future income, the funeral and medical expenses that the family must spend, and the deviation from a normal standard of care by the airline or manufacturer at fault for allowing two planes with similar problems to crash within a span of a few months. In some cases, a jury is also allowed to award punitive damages to the victims, which is a way of punishing the business at fault by forcing them to pay large sums of money.
Lawyers are available to help
If you know someone who has been injured or died as a result of a recent transportation accident such as a plane crash, there is legal help available. The Dinizulu Law Group is available to help with all kinds of accident cases in the Chicago area.