Here’s why you don’t want to lie to your insurance company after an accident.
Getting into an auto accident places some individuals in a vulnerable position where they feel that if they inflate their injuries and/or damages just a little, they could receive more from their insurance payout. Because some insurance policies will only pay up to certain limits and require most policy holder’s to pay a deductible up front, some might consider telling a “small” lie just to get more from their insurance carrier. However, there is a downfall to doing so.
As tempting as this might be, you should know there are consequences for every action, especially those that are considered illegal. Some of the consequences for providing false information could lead to:

  • An unpaid or denied auto accident claim.
  • A canceled policy.
  • Fines and fees depending on how in depth you went with the lie.

Our Elgin, Illinois accident attorneys suggest that you never provide false information to your insurance adjuster, but also don’t provide more than necessary without receiving a consultation from a lawyer first. Sometimes, by providing too much information or giving a recorded statement can hinder you from getting a claim paid.
Unfortunately, insurance companies have gained a bad rep for constantly denying car crash claims and underpaying its claimants which one reason why many try and add in a few details here and there that didn’t actually happen. Many policy holders are aware that insurance companies aren’t fair and don’t exactly care if they pay the right amount for a claim which is why claimants choose to tell a “little white lie.” Again, one “little” lie could amount to more trouble for you and leave you not only with a vehicle that can’t be driven, but also medical bills that won’t be paid.

What are some ways I can get more compensation for the damages that have resulted from an accident in Elgin, IL?

If you are worried about how you are going to get your vehicle repaired or have your medical bills covered because your insurance company isn’t willing to pay, rather than lie, allow one of our trusted accident attorneys in Elgin, Illinois review your claim. They can determine whether something more can be done and how they can help you get more for your accident.
In some instances, if your accident was caused by a negligent driver, you may be able to file a personal injury lawsuit against them if your injuries are severe. Our Elgin, Illinois accident and injury lawyers can coach you through the process of getting this accomplished and be there to support you throughout the entire case.
A negligent action that would qualify you to file a personal injury lawsuit might include:

  • A driver who was under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • A distracted driver who was using their cellphone or fumbling in the backseat of their car.
  • A motorist who was speeding, swerving, or displaying reckless behavior.

It is important that every accident victim becomes aware of what their rights are and how they can go about collecting the necessary compensation they need. Don’t settle for less or compromise your chance of receiving an insurance settlement by telling a lie. Get connected with one of our skilled accident lawyers in Elgin now who is willing to help you.