Sometimes, an investigation reveals that a sudden accident such as a fire or explosion was caused by a number of different factors. When this occurs, the civil law provides ways to hold each party responsible for their relative level of fault that contributed to the incident. This does not necessarily need to be done through separate lawsuits either, as multiple parties are routinely joined as defendants in lawsuits.

Lethal explosion kills several workers north of Chicago
An accident that resulted in a deadly explosion at a silicone plant just north of Chicago in Waukegan Illinois claimed the lives of several workers.
An investigation was still underway, but the explosion in the Specialty Silicone plant was so intense that most of the building was reduced to a metal frame only. This also produced large amounts of rubble and debris near the scene, which took rescue workers several days to sift through while looking for victims or survivors. The crews stated that some areas were difficult to access due to the sheer amount of damage, but they were determined to provide answers to the families of the victims even through the search took several days.
The four victims of the explosion were male residents of both Wisconsin and Illinois who ranged between their 20s and 50s.  One of the victims died at a local hospital shortly after the initial blast. Two of the men who died were apparently helping their coworkers out of the building as the fire spread. The final victim was reported missing, but his body was not discovered among the wreckage until days after the incident.
The investigation results
The first questions investigators will ask are related to the exact cause of the blast. In incidents such as this where chemicals and other dangerous processes are involved, there is obviously the potential for things to go wrong when proper precautions are not observed. They will attempt to determine whether the employer, an employee working inside, or someone else was responsible for the accident. These investigations also deal with ruling out criminal causes such as arson.
All possible defendants in the lawsuit
Because these men died while they were working, their employer will be held responsible. They may have created a dangerous work environment or been negligent in other ways, which would make them partially responsible for both the damage and loss of life.
An accident lawyer knows that both the employer and any other parties which are found to be accountable based on the investigation can all be joined in the lawsuit. In civil procedure, most lawsuits begin with several parties named as defendants, and as the discovery process proceeds, it may be necessary to drop some of those defendants until one or more individuals who actually caused the accident are left.
To put it simply, you can provide the details of the accident to your lawyer, and their initial complaint that is filed with the courts to begin the lawsuit may contain several defendants. If these defendants are still attached when the case goes to trial, there may be questions for the jury about their relative levels of fault or negligence in the accident. Most states in the U.S., including Illinois, use a form of comparative or contributory negligence that allows the damages to be portioned between all parties in a lawsuit. This means that each person or entity may pay out a portion of a person’s total damages, with the total between all parties equal to one hundred percent.
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