Texting Accidents in Rockford

Drunk driving accidents were topping the charts as the main cause of auto accidents for years now, however, cell phone usage has claimed its spot on the chart. Drivers who use their cellphones when driving place their lives at risk as well as any other individuals who might be sharing the roadway with them. This includes pedestrians, motorcyclists, bicyclists, and other motorists.
Were you injured in an accident recently that involved a driver who was texting or using their cellphone? Are you looking to file a lawsuit against the driver who has caused you this unfortunate pain and suffering? Did you lose a loved one in the midst of the accident and want to ensure justice is served and the negligent driver is punished for their careless actions? If so, you are going to want to have a licensed and well-versed accident and injury attorney in Rockford willing and ready to represent you. Lawsuits filed for a personal injury can take some time before a settlement is awarded so we urge you to act fast in order for an attorney to begin working on your case.

Illinois Texting and Driving Statute

After enlisting the help of one of our accident lawyers in Rockford, they will then begin piecing your case together. They will use various resources and information such as laws and state statutes to serve as evidence to help build a solid case against the negligent driver. When a driver breaks a law and that contributes to causing an accident, it only helps to strengthen your case.
In the state of Illinois, it is illegal for a person to operate their vehicle on a roadway while using any sort of electronic communication device. A person is guilty of committing aggravated use of an electronic device when involved in a motor vehicle accident that resulted in great bodily harm, permanent disability, disfigurement or death. (§12-610.2.)
If you want to sue a distracted driving that caused your accident or resulted in a death of a loved one, and you live in the state of Illinois, you are entitled to do so.

Texting Accident Cases

There are thousands and thousands of cases nationwide involving a person who was injured or killed by a driver who was texting or using their cellphone. These accidents are known to be rather serious and even fatal and lead to a life full of fear, agony, and pain. Some examples of these accidents are presented below:

  • According to the Chicago Tribune, a 25-year old was hit while riding his bike by a teenage driver who was busy downloading ringtones on her cellphone while driving.
  • According to wxyz.com, a 35-year old woman and her 5-year old child were killed in a fatal accident that involved a driver who was texting and driving

While there are harsh penalties for those who drink and drive and cause an accident, those who are distracted by their cellphone and are liable for a crash aren’t necessary faced with the penalties that fit the crime. That is why we have accident attorneys in Rockford ready and prepared to fight for your rights as an accident victim and stand up against distracted drivers who use their cellphones while operating their vehicle.
Don’t settle for less than what you deserve after being victimized by a reckless driver. Let one of our skilled Rockford, IL attorneys who works with accident victims take on your case and get you the compensation you need right now.