Can I sue a daycare for causing my child to engage in an accident?
While we can’t prevent all accidents from occurring at a daycare, those that involve our children often prompt us to wonder “Was it really an accident?” Daycares are given multitudes of responsibility and are required to take care of several children all throughout the day. Every daycare is required to sustain a duty of care for each and every child that is under their supervision. When a daycare breaches this duty of care, whether it was an accident or not, they should be held liable for causing any harm or suffering that has been caused to the child as well as their family.
If your child was injured during their time spent at a daycare in Springfield, Illinois, our accident attorneys in Springfield can help you take the necessary action so that the daycare covers your child’s medical expenses, your loss of wages, and compensation to account for the pain and suffering you and your child have had to endure.
Parents place a great deal of trust in daycare workers as all promise they will only provide the highest quality of care possible, however, some fail to live up to this.

Why do daycare accidents happen and what can you do to recognize this misconduct?

Most daycare accidents are brought on by negligent actions displayed by daycare staff members. Some ways in which a daycare worker can display carelessness includes:

  • Leaving children unattended, whether inside the facility, outside, on a fieldtrip, etc.
  • Allowing them to engage in dangerous activities.
  • Having to supervise more children that the state standard allows.

If you feel the injuries your child sustained while being cared for at a daycare were brought on because a staff member was negligent, our accident lawyers in Springfield, Illinois want to hear from you. They are familiar with the legal forms of action that can be taken and would be more than happy to explain these to you.

Daycare accidents occur more frequently than you might think.

Although several accidents are reported to local authorizes as well as the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services, two are shared below that highlight when a family has a legitimate reason to file a personal injury claim or lawsuit against a daycare and its staff.

  1. Back in September 2016, Ryleigh Arnett, who was only four years old, drowned while attending Little Shadows Daycare in Danville, IL. Arnett was found under water by the daycare Shawnita Biave resulting in the daycare receiving two allegations of neglect from the state as well as losing its license to operate[Source: The News-Gazette].


  1. Another incident involving 3-month-old Tessa McDaniel occurred back in November 2016. She was left unattended by one of the daycare owners, Jason Hart for nearly 30 minutes. She was found not breathing after Hart left to warm up her milk who was also responsible for supervising 20 children as well. The devastated family of the 3-month old filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the daycare, Tender Harts [Source: Chicago Tribune].

If you need help proving a daycare’s negligence caused your child’s injury or death, let find you a Springfield, IL accident attorney in your area who is qualified to help you.