Sometimes police and emergency crews arrive on the scene of an accident and have little information about what happened to cause the incident. However, even in these situations an injured person still has legal options available to receive compensation. 
A man from Chicago died when his car crashed into a tree outside of the city in Riverside.
Car slams into a tree outside of Chicago and kills one passenger 
The victim was in the backseat of a Lexus that was traveling eastbound through the suburbs on East Burlington Street. At some point around midnight, it seems that the driver lost control for an unknown reason and the car went into a tree head on. There was also a second car that appeared to be involved in the crash in some way, but this vehicle showed no signs of damage and police are trying to determine what exactly happened. All occupants of both cars sustained minor injuries, except for one man in the Lexus who was pronounced dead about an hour after the impact at a local hospital.  

The block of Burlington where the crash happened was closed for several hours afterwards while local police and the major crimes task force tried to gather evidence and begin their investigation.
How can a lawsuit proceed after this accident? 
There are a number of factors that an accident lawyer must consider in this situation. The driver of the other car may have somehow caused the accident. The driver of the deceased person’s car could have lost control which caused the car to hit the tree. There may have been unsafe road conditions that are related to things like weather, construction, or repairs on the roads. The vehicle itself may have had mechanical problems that caused it to malfunction. 
Regardless of the outcome of the investigation, the person or entity at fault can be served with a lawsuit related to the accident. In civil cases, it is also common for a lawyer to attach multiple parties at the beginning of the lawsuit and eventually remove them from the case if it appears that they cannot be held responsible after new information is uncovered. In this sense, it does not matter if there is no definite answer regarding who is at fault when the lawsuit begins.
If any driver is at fault for the death of one of the occupants they can be named in a wrongful death lawsuit. This is true if the deceased person was a passenger in the car, or if a driver of another car was responsible for the accident. These kinds of lawsuits pay the surviving family members for things like funeral expenses, medical expenses, and the victim’s future lost wages. 
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