Personal injury is one of the single most destructive things one can go through. Whether you were present at the moment of the accident or a relative of yours was the one involved in the incident, there’s no telling what the consequences will be even for those who were not directly affected by the accident. After all, losing a loved one due to personal injury can be severely traumatic and destabilizing. If you have recently been in a car accident, motorcycle accident or any other sort of incident caused by a neglectful party, or if you have lost a relative due to the recklessness of someone else, we recommend reaching out to a personal injury attorney in Jackson, Mississippi as soon as you are able to.

How can a Personal Injury Attorney Assist You Through This Traumatic Time?

Unless you have previously been affected by personal injury, it’s possible that you may be unacquainted with the role of a personal injury lawyer. If this is your first-time considering meeting with an injury lawyer to discuss your case, it could be beneficial to you to have some sense of what attorneys within this specific field are tasked with. According to Lawyer Education, personal injury lawyers handle cases linked to “serious injuries or death of a family member, medical malpractice and harm, assault and battery cases, product fault and liability, slander, libel and defamation, etc.” Moreover, these attorneys are responsible for “preparing legal complaints, offering legal advice, preparing legal documents, and representing [their] clients in court…” ensuring “justice and compensation are served to the injured party.” While most personal injury cases are settled out of the courts, there are times in which the opposing party vehemently disagrees with the demand letter put forth by the injured party and wishes to take the case to court. Given that you can’t predict whether the opposing party will want to settle outside or inside the courts, it’s imperative that you have access to an attorney who is equally prepared to represent you both inside and outside the court setting.

What Does it Take to Make a Compelling Personal Injury Case?

According to Injury Claim Coach, “negligence is key to proving liability”, and there are “four essential elements of negligence”, which include “duty of care”, meaning that “the at-fault party had a duty of care to avoid causing you harm.” “Breach of duty” which implies that “the at-fault party breached their duty by doing something wrong or failing to do what any reasonable person would do in the same circumstances.” Then there is “causation”, “the at-fault party’s breach of duty is the proximate cause of your injuries, and lastly but definitely not least in importance, is the proof of damage, which argues that you must have “confirmed injuries, supported by medical bills and records, and other proof of damages.” An experienced attorney will be able to guide you through the various steps that must be taken to win your injury case. For more information on a seasoned attorney, contact Ballard Law at (769) 572-5111.