Winter weather is known to create havoc on the roadways and contributes to causing accidents each and every day. The snow makes for slippery and uneven streets and ultimately increases the chances of a driver losing control of their vehicle. With winter currently underway, it is important for all motorists to understand what the winder season brings to the roads and how they can take precaution to protect themselves and their family. There are certain tips that can be followed to ensure your vehicle doesn’t engage in an accident in Idaho. These tips definitely benefit anyone who has recently moved to a place with a colder climate, someone visiting friends or family up north, or even those who may be on vacation and find themselves driving in the snow.

Do’s and don’ts when driving in the snow in Boise, Idaho
Boise, Idaho accident lawyers can agree that there are always things you should and shouldn’t do that increase your risk while driving. If you find yourself driving in snowy weather conditions, don’t hit the gas too quickly. Hitting the gas or even the brakes could cause your vehicle to skid on or off the road. You also want to avoid traveling at high speeds because if you do lose control of the car, hitting the brakes won’t make the situation any better.
The AAA suggests that if you do need to hit your brakes and you have those that are anti-lock, press the pedal down hard. Feeling the pedal vibrate is normal as it indicates that the anti-lock brake is activated. When driving, make sure you do leave about eight to 10 seconds of room in between the vehicle in front of you. This way you increase your time to stop in the event a light turns red or the car in front of you makes an abrupt stop.
When traveling up hills, try and build some inertia ahead of time which will allow you to actually make it up the hill. Trying to hit the gas while going up a hill could cause your tires to spin and you left at a standstill.
Prepare your car for driving in the snow
It’s always good to ensure your vehicle is in the proper condition to drive on the roadway. You not only want to keep yourself safe but you must consider the other motorists out on the street. To help decrease your chances of engaging in an accident, try these tips.

  • Check your battery.
  • Make sure headlights are clean and working.
  • Double check your brakes to make sure they work properly.
  • You need to have traction which means you need to have good tires.
  • Check windshield wipers and fluid.

What to do if you engage in an accident in Boise?
While you can take precaution, you can’t always avoid an accident. If you engage in an crash in Idaho, reach out to the Boise accident attorneys at Johnson & Lundgreen. They can help you file a car or truck accident claim or answer any questions you may have pertaining to your accident.

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