If you are involved in an accident and are injured as a result, it is important to have a skilled attorney on your side in order to obtain the largest possible settlement. Negotiating your settlement without legal consultation on hand may result in a payout; however, an attorney present on your behalf – in most cases – will result in a greater payment.
Benefits to having an attorney include the possibility of building a much stronger case in your favor. The possibility of a settlement depends on how you present your case, which can be strengthened with an experienced personal injury lawyer representing you. You might also find that your attorney can build a much stronger case by examining all the facts and determining that you can receive compensation for certain factors that were previously unknown. For example, you might discover that the cause of a car accident was not only due to the fault of another driver, but a car manufacturer whose fault had led to said accident as well.
In regards to the legal process that will follow your claim, an attorney is necessary to determine who is absolutely at fault. Should you find that your opposition might try to pass fault to another entity—possibly yourself—it is important that you have skilled legal representation on your side in order to strengthen your claim of who is to blame. Determining fault is the base upon which your case will be built, and is therefore among the most important reasons why having legal representation is necessary.
Should the case go in your favor, the next step is negotiating the settlement. While you may go about this step alone, an attorney can often times help their clients get a much higher amount of financial compensation. An attorney can help you determine what forms of compensation you qualify for; while it is always assumed the you would sue for property repair or medical expenses, you might also find that you have a claim for other compensation as well. Among these reasons include an emotional distress claim, a pain and suffering claim, or loss of future income due to injury. Without representation, filing these sorts of claims will be met with significant defense from the insurance company representing your opposition. As such, an attorney can help you in dealing with this kind of defense as they may be far more prepared against a large entity. An attorney will have a greater likelihood of fulfilling these claims than if you file your case unrepresented.
Regardless of the kind of accident you are involved in, you should always seek legal advice in regards to what to do next. You might find that you are entitled to far more compensation when you have a skilled attorney by your side.