After engaging in a work accident in Indiana, there are certain things you are going to want to do and those that you are going to way to stray away from doing. If you were injured and are looking to collect benefits from your employer’s workers’ compensation policy, be sure you take note of the do’s and don’ts after being involved in a work-related accident.
What should you do after engaging in a work accident in the state of Indiana?

  1. Report your accident and injury to your employer so they can take the necessary action to get a claim filed. If you wait more than 30 days to report your accident, you risk having your claim denied.
  2. Seek medical treatment if necessary so your injuries can be evaluated and you can receive the necessary treatment.
  3. Keep copies of all documentation.
  4. Attend all scheduled doctor’s visits to ensure you are receiving proper treatment and permit you to continue receiving benefits.
  5. If your physician states that you have reached Maximum Medical Improvement and your compensation has been terminated, you can request an Independent Medical Exam from the Board. You would need to either mark on your “Report of Claim Status/Independent Medical Exam” form that you would like an IME. You can also contact the ombudsman division by calling 1-800-824-2667. Your employer is expected to reimburse the physician for one IME after your compensation is terminated.

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Here’s what you don’t want to do after you have engaged in a work-accident:


  1. Don’t allow your employer to force you back into work if you have not yet reached Maximum Medical Improvement.
  2. Don’t allow your employer to fire you during the time you are off for your work-related injury. The Worker’s Compensation Board of Indiana states that “you cannot be fired because you filed a workers’ compensation claim nor can a witness be fired.” In the event you think your employer fired you as a form of retaliation or because you are unable to work, contact one of our accident lawyers in South Bend, Indiana immediately.

It is important that when a worker becomes injured at work that they receive the appropriate benefits as well as the medical attention necessary to get them back well. Sometimes, employers don’t always handle claims in the manner in which they should be and that might be time where you will need an accident lawyer to step in and help.
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