Driving a motorcycle is generally riskier than driving any other vehicles. First of all, when a person is on a motorcycle they are not surrounded by protective metal from all sides and therefore are not as safe as they could be. Second of all, since not many individuals choose to ride on motorcycles then motorcyclists often have to share the road with much larger vehicles and this can lead to very serious accidents.

Laws for driving motorcycles in Hammond, Indiana

Indiana shares many motorcycle laws as their neighboring cities and states. Some of which include:

  • Helmets must be worn by all individuals under 18 years old
  • Passengers need to be provided a belt and footrest
  • Two motorcyclists can share one lane side by side with consent
  • Lane splitting is not allowed
  • At least one rearview mirror must be present
  • Headlights must be turned on when it is dark
  • Motorcyclists must have insurance for bodily injuries and also for property damage

When it comes to motorcyclist insurance in Indiana, motorcyclists need to make sure they have both their liabilities of bodily injury covered and property damage. For bodily injury, they need to be covered for a minimum of $25,000 per person. For physical damage, they need at least $10,000 of coverage. These numbers are the minimum and it is generally a better idea to have more coverage in case of more severe accidents.

Modified comparative negligence

Like most other states, Indiana follows a comparative negligence model when it comes to accidents.  However, they follow a modified one. The modified comparative negligence model basically means that an individual has to be less than 51% responsible for the accident in order to earn back compensation. If they are less than 51% responsible then they will only have to pay according to how much of the accident was their fault as compared to the fault of other drivers or other uncontrollable external factors.

Who should I contact after a motorcycle accident in Indiana?

If a person finds that despite following all of the safety rules, they still ended up getting into a pretty severe accident they should get in touch with an accident lawyer in Hammond, Indiana. The severity of their accident generally depends on what sort of accident they got into.
If they collided with a larger vehicle like a car or a truck then there will probably be a lot of bodily harm and physical property which needs to be compensated for. However, if a motorcyclist just lost control and crashed into a wall or a post then there are usually not many claims to make.
Whatever the case is, it’s always a good idea to call an accident lawyer so a person can get a good idea on their rights and how much they are actually allowed to claim. Many times, individuals make the mistake of reporting the accident to their insurance companies themselves right away without getting legal advice. This is not a wise move to make because a lawyer can help a person fill out all the required paperwork as well as collect the required evidence in order to earn back more compensation for the accident they just went through.
If a person or any of their relatives have been involved in a motorcycle accident then it is very important they understand which motorcycle laws apply to them and also how much compensation they are likely to get for the pain they have suffered.