Hartford law enforcement authorities and investigators say a probe has been initiated and is still underway to uncover what exactly transpired on Tuesday at around 2:30 in the afternoon which has left an infant baby with life threatening injuries. The incident occurred in an Elmer Street home in Hartford, according to foxct.com.

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According to a police report, emergency medical technicians were dispatched as a response to an emergency call that came in to 911 from 53 Elmer Street about an unconscious and unresponsive baby in a bathtub.
Parents – big mistake – malice aforethought?
The infant in question is a one year old male baby and authorities have confirmed that the child is currently being treated at Connecticut Children’s Medical Centre at the moment. He is said to be in a critical condition with life threatening injuries. The police report further details that both the mother and father of the baby were present at their residence when the incident occurred and attempted to drive the infant to a hospital initially.
According to investigators, they do not have any concrete evidence to comment whether the incident was simply an inadvertent accident or if it was the result of something more deliberate and sinister.
Both the mother and father are said to be co-operating fully with the police.
Additionally, the father has been arrested and placed under custody with relation to a pending arrest warrant against him from the past from a separate, unrelated incident.

Deceased victim of boating accident identified by authorities
A man that passed away on Tuesday in a boating accident has been identified as 52-year old Gregory Davoren from Middletown. His unresponsive and limp body was removed from Lake Beseck by responding emergency crew workers. Supposedly, Davoren was out boating with two other persons in Lake Beseck when he suddenly, somehow was ejected from the boat, as reported by courant.com.
It is not clear as to how Davoren left the boat, investigations are still on. His body was pulled out of the lake after a call came in from an unknown person to 911. Members of the State Police Dive Team pulled out Davoren’s body and he was pronounced dead on the scene.
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