Altoona, IA- Motorists are faced with numerous dangers on the nation’s highways with other motorist being responsible for most of those dangers. That’s especially true when bad weather strikes and we soon learn how incapable some drivers are in adverse weather conditions.

A 20-car pile-up in Iowa, which left 5 people injured, serves as an example of how one or more person’s reckless actions can lead to costly traffic accident. According to KCCI-TV, the accident took place on 1-80 in Altoona, Iowa on Monday.

Five people suffered minor injuries and were taken to a local hospital for treatment.
When speaking to KCCI-TV, one witness caught in the massive pile-up said “someone panicked, braked in the snow.” That moment of panic turned I-80 into collision course as vehicle after vehicle slammed struck, leaving the roadway littered with the wreckage of at least 20 vehicles.
One victim said to KCCI-TV watching all those vehicles hit one after the other was “traumatizing.” This is how many accident victims feel, especially if their accident left them with serious injuries or they lost loved one. If you have been in an accident and have suffered serious injuries we suggest your speak with an accident attorney based in Iowa to discuss if you are eligible for compensation.

Such pile-ups don’t happen every day, but are more common in the winter when snow and ice can turn a highway into a collision course. With winter in full swing and months to go before spring, we can expect more snow, ice and low visibility. Motorists should understand that even if an accident is due in part to bad weather, if their actions in any way contributed to an accident, they must take some of all of the responsibility.

When you are driving, weather and road conditions should be one of the many things you should consider. Snow and whiteout conditions can be nerve-wracking, but a motorist can avoid an accident in these conditions by following a few safe driving tips for wintry weathers.

AAA advises that when snow begins to fall, motorists slow down and avoid any sudden braking or acceleration. Drive slowly and don’t make an erratic moves. Slow and steady should be your mantra and will keep your vehicle from going into a spin. You should keep a good distance between you and the vehicle in front of you since it takes longer for your vehicle to stop on icy roads.

“Other winter driving tips include avoiding slamming on the brakes and investing in a set of snow tires.

If a motorist doesn’t take the measures necessary to prevent an accident in snowy or icy conditions, they will be held accountable for their actions when another is harmed or killed. Injuries suffered in a traffic accident can cost the victim thousands and they often find themselves saddled costly medical bills. Bills that can be nearly impossible to pay off if they’ve missed work as a result of their accident. With an Iowa accident attorney on their side, an accident victim can get the compensation they need to pay off their medical bills.

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