Accident and Personal Injury Lawyer Roscommon, MI

Numerous Roscommon, Michigan residents are involved in motor vehicle accidents each year. Some may only suffer damage to their property. However, a significant number of accident victims in Roscommon sustain physical injuries – many of which are severe. Moreover, many of these devastating injuries are caused by another driver’s negligent actions. 

If you or someone you love suffered accident-related injuries in Michigan, it’s important to understand that you have several options at your disposal to seek justice. Below are crucial steps to follow after a car accident to ensure your rights are fully upheld. 

Step 1: Make Sure You and Others Are OK

After an accident in Roscommon, the first thing you need to do is to determine if you are not seriously harmed. Are you able to move? Do you have any major injuries? Is your vehicle (aside from potential property damage) safe to remain inside of or do you see signs of smoke or fire? 

If the accident was not catastrophic and you are not suffering life-threatening injuries (to your knowledge), check on any passengers (if applicable) and others at the scene of the accident. If anyone else involved in the crash appears to have sustained major injuries,call 911 immediately.

Step 2: Call the Police and Access the Damage

If you are not in critical danger and have not suffered life-threatening injuries, evaluate the accident scene and document the incident with as much detail as possible. The more evidence you can document after the accident, the better your chances of establishing a viable claim and recovering damages. Take pictures of your vehicle, the responsible party’s vehicle (including their license plate), your injuries, loved ones’ injuries, and the location (including traffic signs, crosswalks, the road itself, and your general surroundings). 

Step 3: Obtain the At-Fault Party’s Information and Call Your Insurance Provider

Exchange insurance, driver’s license, and contact information with the person responsible for the accident and call your insurance provider to file a claim. Note any other information about the at-fault party’s current state at the time of the collision, such as whether or not they smelled of alcohol or appeared intoxicated, seemed agitated, or exhibited any strange or unsafe behavior prior to the incident. If the driver was speeding, driving under the influence, had road rage, or any of the like, you will likely be eligible to file an accident injury case.

Step 4: Contact a Roscommon Accident Attorney

Once you’ve accessed your injuries, those of others, your property damage, and contacted police, your insurance provider, and paramedics (if necessary), your next step should be to speak with an experienced Roscommon personal injury lawyer. Your attorney will handle every aspect of your case, including speaking to witnesses, police officers, insurance companies, and medical professionals. Above all, they will help you obtain your rightful damages so you can focus on recovering.