Injury attorneys in Iowa City use various techniques to recover damages for pain and suffering

Iowa City, IA – Some accidents result in various types of harm that cannot easily be quantified into numbers and monetary amounts. This is why civil lawsuits allow for the victim to ask for non-economic damages for emotional pain and suffering. While it may not always be easy to predict what kinds of problems and losses count as emotional pain and suffering, there are some basic guidelines. As a general rule, more severe accidents will allow the victim to ask for greater compensation. 

The definition of non-economic damages

When a lawyer asks for damages related to pain and suffering or non-economic losses, they are attempting to come up with a number that reflects things like stress, mental health problems, emotional trauma, and physical pain or reduced quality of life that a victim has to live with due to an injury. These types of harm can totally change a person’s life and make it more difficult to function. Other long term effects of an injury such as permanent scars or disfigurement are an important part of pain and suffering damages as well, as they change the victim’s life in a negative way. 

Calculating non-economic losses

The method of finding out how much non-economic damages may be available to each victim can vary greatly based on the specifics of the accident and the attorney’s litigation strategy. The lawyer for the victim will usually list this amount along with economic losses at the end of the complaint that starts the lawsuit. Some firms will attempt to use a method where they assign a daily value to the person’s lost opportunities and discomfort. Other situations may require the attorney to take the actual medical costs and multiply them by a certain amount to show how the person’s quality of life is seriously affected by their injuries.  

Testimony from others who know the victim or examined their condition can also be important in showing serious life changes. Family members of friends may speak to the jury regarding the victim’s daily life and mental state before the accident, versus how changes were made afterwards. A doctor may also be able to give expert testimony about how the victim’s injuries are life changing and how long their recovery will take. All of these factors combined will allow the attorney to ask for large amounts. 

Advice from local attorneys in Iowa City

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