What is a fair amount to accept for pain and suffering after a car accident in Metairie, LA?

Traverse City, MI – People who are involved in accidents in Michigan may have to resort to the legal process to help cover their expenses afterward, even when they have a relevant and active insurance policy. It is possible for victims to get help from a licensed professional who handles accident cases when this time comes. There are a number of things that the lawyer can do to assist the victim, and certain aspects of Michigan’s state laws will be relevant when deciding if the plaintiff will be successful and the amount of money they may receive. 

Services from injury attorneys

Personal injury lawyers focus their practice on handling car accident cases and filing related negligence lawsuits. They attempt to win their client an amount of compensation based on the victim’s losses, injuries, and long term problems caused by the accident called damages. Injury attorneys will normally have experience from years of practice and jury trials to argue for the largest amount of damages through a settlement agreement or verdict at the conclusion of a trial. There are also a number of rules related to court procedures, exchanging evidence through discovery, and introducing evidence in the case that are crucial to the outcome, which require careful actions by the lawyer. 

Negligence lawsuits

The primary way that an injury lawyer will try to win a case for their client and receive compensation is by filing a negligence lawsuit, governed by Michigan law. This is a case that says that the defendant driver or business was not careful enough and caused losses to the plaintiff. 

There are four basic elements to all negligence actions. These are a duty of care, a breach of the relevant duty of care, actual and proximate causation, and damages. All four of these elements must be shown to win the case. 

Many situations exist where the victim is partially at fault for their own injuries. Most states in the U.S. have changed their negligence laws slightly over the years to account for these possibilities, while still providing relief for the victim. Under Michigan law, any level of fault by the plaintiff will still allow the victim to collect economic damages, although their damages are reduced in proportion to their level of fault. However, for non-economic damages for pain and suffering, the victim cannot collect these damages at all if they were greater than 50% at fault for the accident. 

Meeting with a local lawyer after a collision

Anyone who is dealing with problems from an accident can schedule a meeting with a local attorney to discuss their options and decide on a course of action. Neumann Law Group has offices in Traverse City, Detroit, and Grand Rapids, Michigan. 

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